Embracing Deep, Dark and Dramatic Woods

With the autumn evenings closing in, here at Ecora we are loving the imagery we are seeing in magazines of rich, deep and dark interiors – spaces that invite you in, hand you a glass of red wine and a cosy blanket.

While dark wood floors are a classic popular all year round, at this time of year we get lots of enquiries for this line as customers look to create a cosy haven ahead of the coming cold weather.  

“We are seeing a big demand for dark floors and architraves which work in contrast with light painted walls,”says ecora. “It echoes very much of Kelly Hoppen's signature designs, which are simple, clean and masculine, and then finished with feminine touches.”

The Ecora collection of dark woods includes Ipe wood, with gorgeous auburn tones and a translucent grain pattern (below left), the unique scorched and pigmented Oak Langham (below centre) and the darkest wood in the range – the truly dramatic bold black Oak Long Acre (below right). 


 You can see our full range of dark woods here, and don't forget our expert team are always to help you find the exact match for the interior you are looking for!

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How to use natural autumn colours for a fabulous interior

Autumn is upon us and it's truly one of our favourite seasons for interior inspiration!

Autumn, or Fall, depending on how you see it, is associated with burnt oranges, warm browns and deep reds – gloriously rich and regal tones that enhance an interior all year round. 

If you're looking to update your interior with a touch of Autumn-inspired colour, why not look towards designer eco paints from Earthborn, stocked by Ecora. 

We love the Yorkshire Moors inspiration palette from Earthborn (below) for the coming season, focusing on the bleak and beautiful moors ‘up north’. 

 And for even more autumn shades, here are our top picks from their gorgeously pigmented paints for the season ahead.


 From left to right: Mittens, Muddy Boots, Pumpkin Pie, Flower Pot and Dark Cocoa colours from Earthborn

Not only are Earthborn paints a convenient and cost effective way to update your home, their health benefits are unbeatable too – they are free of VOCs and other harmful emissions, and are odour free, oil free and highly breathable.

Read more about Ecora's thoughts on the benefits of eco paint here and pop into our showroom for help in choosing the right shade for your home!
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October Events in London – a month of arty inspiration!

There is always so much to do and see in London, and through the Ecora blog we want to keep you updated on the events that are getting us off our seat and in the midst of the madness! This month we have two particular events that we are really looking forward to.

Firstly, we love the fun idea of The Big Draw, the world's biggest drawing festival. Taking place nationwide throughout the month of October, museums, galleries, heritage sites, libraries, schools and parks all play host to a variety of events encouraging people of all ages to discover how drawing can connect them with their surroundings and communities. 

London institutions like the British Museum, National Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, the Wellcome Collection, the British Library and Discover children's centre are all hosting events, so take your pick from these great London locations and get your Van Gogh on!

Over 1,000 organisations take part in the UK, with another 15 countries participating too. Hosted by the Campaign for Drawing charity, they aim to eradicate the mindset "I can't draw" – which we love! Embrace your personal talent we say!



 And if that event ignites your artistic side, this month also sees a major new exhibition from living legend Tracey Emin, one of the most colourful, controversial and well-known of the YBAs (Young British Artists) of the 1990s.

From 8 October – 16 November , Tracey Emin presents 'The Last Great Adventure is You', at White Cube Bermondsey, and in a break from previous provocative work, this exhibition is expected to be largely reflective and a somewhat pensive collection.


Including bronze sculptures, gouaches, paintings, large-scale embroideries and neon works, the exhibition is a culmination of a number of years gradual development – with some paintings being layered continually over several years. "The work is about rites of passage, of time and age, and the simple realisation that we are always alone," Tracey Emin said in July 2014.

We for one wouldn’t miss it for the world!




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Designer Interview! Meet Jonty Hampson of Hamspon Woods

As part of our revamped Ecora blog - which aims to bring you vibrant and inspiring news and events from the world of design - we are introducing monthly interviews with some of our all time favourite designers!

Finding what makes a creative mind tick is a great insight into their work and into what drives their vision, so we can't wait to share these interviews with you!

First to face the heat is Jonty Hampson, founder of Hampson Woods, famed for crafting wood pieces with individual charm, especially kitchenware such as chopping boards and cookware. With a focus on craftsmanship and an appreciation for the individuality of each piece, their Hackney workshop produces truly gorgeous pieces. 

Here's our interview with Jonty! Enjoy!


1. The London Design scene continues to be a source of inspiration worldwide. What is it about London properties and British interiors that make them so popular?

Britain has a heritage of quality craftsmanship, solid yet beautiful materials and an uncanny ability to remain at the cutting edge of design. There have always been such varied styles and influences too - British design has never been afraid to “mix things up.”

2. How is interior design in the UK changing with such an international community of home-owners? Are styles influenced by overseas buyers for example?
Britain has always had a far-reach in the world, and always been a hotbed for other nationalities to come here and thrive - this can be seen by the varied styles adopted by craftsmen and designers. This is perhaps partly why overseas buyers can relate to what is here.
3. What interesting projects are you currently working on?
We’re working on various wooden products for both the kitchen and the home in general - pieces that will last through the generations, pieces that will add to the beauty of any home.
4. What architectural and interior design trends do you predict for 2015?
I can imagine there will be further mix of materials - the last few years has seen a return to an unfussy and beautiful use of material in a more natural form than before - the coming years I think will see some beautiful combinations of these natural elements. Also, I can only hope sustainability and ethical sourcing will continue their strengthened movement into our every day lives.
5. What are your essential ingredients when creating successful interior design schemes? From larger items to smaller accessories and finishes etc
Attention to use, and to the person using it. And to the pure aesthetic of it. And it should go without saying that materials should be beautiful and durable, and that any production happens with skill and consideration.
6. Who have been your biggest influences in your career - friends, family and mentors?
The world around us in general I think - that obviously includes friends, family, works that we admire - but probably more relevant is the natural world that we are surrounded by, anything from the ground to the sky.


7. Where are your favourite hangouts in London and why, also best meal you have ever had?

Good local pubs seem to score strongly on this front, the Elderfield, the Adam and Eve, the Leyton Technical - a well-spaced and cosy place where you can either happily read the paper or discuss the day passed - or on certain evenings, have an exciting (and potentially raucous) night with loved ones.

8. How is the very best ways to spend a lazy Sunday in the UK?

Papers and coffee followed by Sunday roast and a beverage - surely?!


9. What's the most played track on your ipod at the moment?

There’s been a lot of Sam Cooke and Guided by Voices - and an emerging London band called H Grimace, certainly worth checking out.


Ecora is proud to stock Hampson Woods, so for more of their pieces check in store or online on our Kitchen Accessories page http://www.ecora.co.uk/collections/interiors/kitchen-accessories

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Autumn Interiors

Add a little comfort to your home this season... here are a few suggestions from our interiors range:


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Shades of Grey

Natural wood floors in neutral grey tones provide the perfect backdrop for classic and contemporary homes...



One of the most important choices you need to make when planning a room is deciding the type of flooring you intend to use. Tying all elements of the room together successfully can be tricky and choosing a 'neutral' toned floor as a base will give you more options in terms of both decoration and interior style.


Designers, Developers and Architects often opt for grey toned floors as they work beautifully in both contemporary and period properties and bring a sense of light and space to a room. Grey finishes are also very forgiving and offer a 'timeless' quality that will never look dated or old fashioned. In opting for a high quality natural wood floor in a grey finish you will also instantly add value to your home, making it more appealing to potential buyers.


There are a number of options to consider such as which type of wood to choose, Oak being the most popular choice. Solid boards do require more of an investment but will last for generations, whilst engineered boards provide a more affordable option. Why not opt for a hand-finished timber which will have its own unique character and an aged look. There are a number of interesting finishes available including brushed, scorched, fumed and oiled and by combining several techniques you can achieve a 'bespoke' finish. When selecting the colour or tone consider a mid-grey which will work universally particularly in older properties, a lighter, whiter finish will give a more modern clean look, whilst a darker grey can provide a more opulent dramatic effect that work well in larger open plan spaces such as lofts and warehouse apartments.


Whatever your preference or style of home, a natural wood floor will give your property a hardwearing, long-lasting and beautiful backdrop that combines the very best of function and form.

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From Grand Designs to Living etc.

Living etc Sept 2014

25 Beautiful Homes, September 2014


Selfbuilder & Homemaker September 2014


Another month of great press coverage and ongoing support from the UK Interiors Press. We have been asked to supply images and editorial to a number of mags featuring flooring this autumn and it has really given us a boost knowing that journalists like our products so much.  This month you can see our floors in Grand Designs Magazine, Utopia, Living etc, 25 Beautiful Homes and Self-builder & Homemaker Magazine.  Editors seem very keen on neutral and natural finishes at the moment and our parquet and block flooring is definitely in vogue this season.  Keep an eye on our blog for style ideas and interior design news and for more inspiration why not pop into the showroom at Belsize Park.

A big thank you to all the lovely journalists and freelancers out there who continue to support the best of British interiors like Ecora.  Sharon Kilby, PR.

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London Design Events

Goodness knows how we have suddenly ended up half way through August.  And, now, just around the corner we have a whole host of interior design events underway.  Personally, I will be donning my most comfortable shoes and heading off to Decorex, 100% Design, Tent and as many other cool, hip and 'designery' events as possible next month.  Why do I put myself through this ordeal, quite simply to stay ahead, stay in touch and keep connected with the interior design world.  I love these events as they fill me with enthusiasm, inspiration and creativity.  From sourcing new interiors products to coming away with ideas for new finishes and materials, the buzz at these shows is infectious and I always come away with ideas for product development and furniture design.  So, whilst I take a week or to to enjoy the last of the summer sun I am already making lists of 'must see' stands and designers to catch-up with when back in London.  Roll on the comfy shoes, free champagne and camera for sneaky snapshots of 'ones to watch' this season.

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Boutique Style



London's wood flooring specialists Ecora were appointed to supply the natural wood flooring to iconic designer clothing boutique 'Chic & Seek' in Notting Hill. The results speak for themselves.

Chic & Seek has an excellent reputation for stocking 'must buy' pieces of pre-loved designer clothing, bags, shoes and accessories. Founded in 2009 by former Anya Hindmarch manager Tara Nash the boutique is located in a charming historic mews house and is filled with cult designer labels and unique much sought after collector's pieces.

The interior of the Chic & Seek boutique combines period architecture with contemporary design and acts as a striking backdrop to the eye-catching array of glamorous designer items. The space itself is relatively intimate and therefore the use of light reflecting surfaces and large windows helps retain a clean, contemporary atmosphere.

The natural wood flooring used throughout the boutique was specified by owner Tara to act as a neutral yet contemporary backdrop for the rails of designer clothing, racks of stunning footwear and pedestals of gorgeous bags and accessories. The lightly brushed white waxed floor sits comfortably alongside the reception desk which features artwork that creates an optical illusion, whilst the splashes of hi-gloss candy pink paint used throughout the boutique contrast perfectly with the mellowness of the natural wood floor.

Sales Director of Ecora Jeandré du Toit explains “The white hard-waxed herringbone oak works particularly well in a commercial environment as it is hardwearing yet has a good strong pattern which adds interest to the space. The Herringbone design is very popular at the moment and looks good in period properties as it compliments the original architectural features. The hand brushed finish and white hardwax oil give a more contemporary touch to the flooring giving an 'ageless quality' to the finished project.

The boutique is a veritable treasure trove of quilted Chanel bags, Hermes signature silk scarves and Celine's structured totes. Chic and Seek hand-picks each piece of clothing and every single accessory from some of London's most fashionable women. Every item is then displayed in style within the uber-chic boutique environment and sold on to style conscious fashionistas.

Brands available at Chic & Seek include: Loewe, Lanvin, Chanel, Emilio, Pucci, Hermes, v73, Jacques, Faith, Bottega, Veneta and Celine.

Project Details:
Tara Nash
Chic & Seek, Notting Hill

Flooring by www.ecora.co.uk
Oak Herringbone 13x140x700mm
Finish White Hardwax Oil
Area sq. 35M2

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Taking care of your wooden floors in all kinds of weather

We hope everyone is handling this crazy summer we’re having, with heatwaves and flash floods arriving all in the same week!

Don’t forget that as a natural material, wooden floors also react to their surrounding elements.

Wood flooring will shrink and expand as part of its natural cycle and you can expect it to slightly shrink during the winter months, and expand during the warmer months.

Experts installing wooden floors also take into account reactions to underfloor heating, and this form of heating is only recommended in tandem with engineered floorboards, not solid wood.

There are quite a few factors to consider – but installed correctly, your wooden floor can last over 100 years!

Here’s some more info on installation, or simply call the experts at Ecora for some free expert guidance on choosing the right wood for your home conditions!



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Make your storage a focal point of the home with Ecora's range!

Today we are having a look at storage options for the home - and yes - we confess at first thought this blog post doesn’t sound exactly glamorous!
But these days packing your goodies away is actually a prime opportunity to display some fabulous storage boxes, baskets and bins, to name but a few!
Ecora Home have a truly gorgeous array of storage to match all kinds of interiors. Match our aluminium box or shiny enamel food carrier with an industrial chic warehouse style apartment, or one of our woven or wicker baskets for a more rustic homely feel. We also mix up the collection with our Papersacks, perfect for children’s bedrooms or storing toys away in a living area. 
Far from being bland, Ecora’s range of storage tidies away your bits and pieces within a range of fab containers that become an integral and focal point of your interior. 
Have a look through our Storage Range and pick your favourite!
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Keep an eye out for Ecora in the press!

We're feeling a little like Kim Kardashian at Ecora this month - as we're splashed all over the press! (and loving it!)

This month, keep an eye out for our home and flooring products featured in The English Home magazine, Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine, Coast magazine and also Living Etc magazine (twice!).

A big thank you to the appreciation from the press for our Ecora products, we are very flattered!



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