The White Room

Flooring specialists Ecora suggest white wood floors that brighten and lighten interiors.

 One of the simplest ways to create a light and airy living space is to focus on the use of a white palette. With literally hundreds of different shades of whites to choose from, combining chalky textures with touches of bright light high gloss finishes will give your interior decoration scheme a sense of both depth and contrast.

A   clean   white backdrop works well within both contemporary and classic interiors and using white shades of flooring will give a room a sense of harmony and balance.

Painted brickwork or white- washed walls, distressed or white stained wood flooring, contemporary white light fittings and natural white-hued furnishings and accessories will all work well together.

By installing a natural wood floor in a neutral white finish you are setting the scene for a variety of interior design styles, whitewashed or white stained woods have a timeless appearance and add character and interest to a space.

 London’ flooring specialists Ecora offer a wide variety of white flooring finishes including brushed, distressed, scraped, oiled and waxed white finishes.

 Above: From L-R, Ecora's Oak Firenze, Oak Hampstead and Oak Brendan Brushed.


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Perfectly Patterned Parquet

The use of pattern within interior design can be traced back thousands of years and continues to play an important part within home decoration worldwide. Repeat patterns and geometric designs give a space a sense of rhythm, symmetry and balance. More artistic or fluid pattern designs bring a more bespoke eclectic feel to an interior design scheme.

One traditional method of introducing pattern within living environments is the use of decorative inlaid wood flooring. Parquet, block or patterned floors have provided the foundations to the most impressive interiors throughout history and today, these ornately detailed wood floors are as popular as ever. The increased interest in parquet and ornate block flooring has lead to a revival in the art of decorative wood flooring production within the UK.

One of the UK’s leading providers of bespoke wood flooring is London based flooring specialist Ecora. Sales Director Jeandre du Toit explains why parquet flooring will never go out of vogue. “Parquet flooring and decorative wood flooring panels work well in both period properties and also with perfectly within ultra modern interiors. The timeless qualities of the materials and patterns lend themselves particularly well to spacious interiors and are therefore popular with owners of large properties such as historic or period buildings. Also, patterned or geometric designed wood flooring also looks impressive within contemporary buildings such as open-plan apartments, loft spaces, penthouses and new build projects.”

The merits of parquet flooring are plentiful, with numerous benefits to homeowners, interior designers and property developers. It’s not surprising therefore that so many property owners are opting for durable, hardwearing and above all, decorative wood flooring materials. For those looking for a floor that will look even more beautiful with age whilst also adding to the property’s value, then solid wood decorative flooring provides a very attractive long-lasting solution.

Note to editors: Similar flooring stocked by Ecora, London, see more on

For any photos used in this release and further media enquiries please contact Sharon Kilby at Arthouse PR, tel: 0203 745 4445 email:


nb. Some images courtesy of Decor Envy

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London Festival of Architecture

June is here and we are very excited to be celebrating the London Festival of Architecture.  A month-long, city-wide celebration of architecture and the built environment, presenting London as a global hub of architectural practice, experimentation, teaching and debate.
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Natural Blondes

Stand the test of time with natural wood flooring from Ecora

Interior design trends come and go at a frightening speed; yet, the key to creating an interior that will endure the test of time lies in simplicity. If you cast your mind back through the decades and conjure up images of beautiful interiors from the 20’s, 50’s, 90’s one common thread that remains constant is the use of high quality natural materials such as wood flooring.


Successful interior design takes into consideration the longevity of a project and how the space will evolve over time. Some of the key aspects of designing an interior that works well both for today and for future generations are the specification of architectural details and materials that have a ‘timeless’ appeal.

Wood flooring creates a backdrop that will stand the test of time, effortlessly combining practicality with aesthetics. In selecting a ‘neutral’ blonde shade of flooring you can create a setting that will compliment both traditional furnishings as well as super contemporary detailing. Blonde woods are incredibly forgiving and have a chameleon like effect where floors can both give warmth to a space or bring a sense of cool to a room dependent on how the timber is finished.

Blondes work very well alongside neutral decorative schemes such as Scandinavian, French Chic or Country style interiors. At the other end of the spectrum Blonde timbers also compliment more bold contemporary environments such as loft spaces and open plan apartments.

From simple natural boards to more ornate parquet designs, natural blonde wood flooring offers a solid backdrop to all types of architectural and interior design, providing a timeless quality that will endearingly stand the test of time.

Natural Blonde wood flooring from Ecora


Oak Woodstock £68.85 m2, Parquet Panels £165.85 m2, Oak Orchard Distressed flooring £84.85 m2, Oak Chevrons £134.85.


All from

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Summer Storage solutions from Ecora

Keeping your home organised and clutter free can seem like a never ending task. From a wicker basket to a metal storage container, Ecora offer a variety of storage solutions to make this undertaking as simple as possible.

Images: White Metal Storage Basket £80.00, Square White Metal Storage Basket £55.00, Natural Round Basket From £45.00, Bamboo Basket From £45.00, Round Basket From £35.00, White Basket with Woven Trim From £70.00, Industrial Aluminium Box From £90.00, Paint Dipped Basket Round From £45.00, Woven Basket With Lid £56.00, White Oval Basket From £50.00, Metal Basket From £30.00, Laundry Trolley £150.00.

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Ecora Spring Sale Starts Saturday!

Ecora are gleefully emerging from our winter cocoons and fully embracing the colour and verve of the fabulous new Spring/Summer season 2015!

And to celebrate, we are offering our clients 15% discount off all flooring, or 20% for clients who like us on Facebook! Our spring sale starts this Saturday 28 March, and ends Saturday 25 April.

With S/S 2015 trends embracing contemporary grey woods, and standout feature woods such as parquet, uplift your interior with some of these stunning inspiration looks below. As ever, Ecora experts await in store to help you make the perfect selection, and our free sample service remains available throughout the sale period.




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March Monochrome Madness!

Black and white interiors come and go throughout the years, yet, every season we see new and inspiring designs featuring exciting palettes of bold blacks and bright whites. 


Black and white or monochrome inspired designs never fade or go out of fashion and work equally well in both contemporary and classic interiors.  From the very boldest high-gloss black materials through to the brightest arctic white finishes, geometric designs that draw inspiration from the 50s and 60s never fail to make an artistic statement. For more eclectic pared-down interiors chalky white paint finishes sit comfortably alongside ash-blacks where the muted effects provide a softer more relaxed feel perfect for family homes or period properties.

If the idea of an entirely monochrome inspired room seems a little over the top then why not simply mix and match a few accessories such as stark white light fittings or textured black ceramics.  A large scale statement piece of modern furniture or a feature wall can create a dramatic effect whilst smaller black and white decorative items add interest to a space.

Whether you dare to be brave or simply wish to indulge in a little casual monochrome madness you will find plenty of inspiration at London's coolest interiors and flooring showroom Ecora.  From flooring to paints, storage to linens, Ecora stocks a chic collection of lifestyle pieces that feature some of the very best contemporary designs for the home.

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Make it a Memorable Mother's Day with Artisan Gifts from Ecora!

With Mother's Day approaching this weekend, we have tons of gorgeous handmade and artisan gifts in store to show the matriarch of your family just how special she is to you all!

For a truly thoughtful present, fill one of our elegant natural linen photo albums with memories that you have made together, or choose one of your all-time favourite photos for our vintage chic glass photo frames. The linen albums are available in medium (£24) or large (£34), and the frames come in a selection of four different sizes (£14-£29).


If your mother loves eclectic colours and patterns, we have some beautiful new additions to the Ecora Interiors Range, including these tea light holders below, available in different designs and perfect to mix and match with the smaller and larger sizes. Available from just £4.50 each!


Also flying off the shelves are these vintage-inspired dandelion print cups and jugs, available in both turquoise and black colour ways. Cups are £7.50 and jugs are £16-£32 depending on size.

And last but not least, fans of rustic style and natural finishes can choose from left to right below: our stylish blue enamel coffee pot for use on the hob (£24), coconut tea light holders (£10), a set of six chai tea glasses in white or black distressed finish in it's own unique carrier (£25) or this nest of solid mango wood salad bowls (£45).


Pop into the Ecora store and we can help you with your selection! Happy Mother's Day all!


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Our favourites from Maison & Objet Paris

Just recently we were lucky enough to travel to arguably the most stylish city in the world - Paris - to attend Maison & Objet. This is one of the most renowned trade shows for home fashion design, decoration, interior design, home trends and inspirations, and this year was full of design delights.

As we are taking on more beautiful items in our Ecora Home range, we look forward to shows such as Maison & Objet, not just for discovering new products and trends but also about catching up with our existing suppliers.

Of course it is difficult to forecast what the leading trends are for 2015 off the back of such a vast show as everyone has their own style, but here are a few of our favourite items.


There was a retro feeling to many of the interior features this year, with soft colours such as dusty pink, pale blue and sea green on display. We saw these colours used in furniture and cushions, and felt they added a lovely relaxed and vintage edge.

Votives in ice cream hues from Ecora Home, stock due in late February

Above: Votives in ice cream pastel hues from Ecora Home, due in stock in late February.



We saw dark green malachite colouring in everything from wallpaper to chopping boards, in patterns and on its own. It's even been used by leading fashion designers in their latest collections, so its definitely a colour to take note of. A vivid emerald green, it's one for stylish splashes in an interior.

We also noticed lots of strong blues and yellows used in cushions, throws and towels. A great colour palette for the summer.


Above from left to right: Storybrook eco paint from Earthborn (stocked by Ecora), beautiful new blue enamel coffee pot in stock at Ecora Home, and also our 100% cotton Lemon Hammam Towel 


We also found beautiful furniture made from reclaimed wood such as elm. Even on small items such as stools, it adds a touch of nostalgia to an interior. Below is our beautiful reclaimed Elm stool from Ecora Home. 

2015 is going to a busy and fun year for Ecora Home. Watch this space to see what great new products we are bringing in this year!

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Past, Present, Perfect: The rich and patterned history of parquet flooring

Drifting in and out of vogue throughout the generations, traditional block parquet flooring is once more enjoying a rather splendid revival. Of course, if we cast our minds back to childhood memories, images of warm wood floors immediately spring to mind.

Throughout the ages parquet floors have featured in commercial buildings such as hospitals, factories, museums, libraries and hotels for centuries. These hardwearing and highly patterned wood floors were not solely used within environments with high footfall however, more refined and decorative installations also featured in prestigious private homes worldwide.


Geometric Design Records indicate that the first parquet floors were introduced in 16th century France and originally included wood blocks laid in geometric patterns with the shapes of the individual blocks being varied in colour and size.

These wood floors were used to replace grand marble or stone floors that were quarry cut and expensive to install and maintain and that also caused long term damage to joists and timber frames. Simple plank wood flooring existed at this time but during the 16th Century the tongue and groove system was devised which allowed more extravagant and sophisticated patterns to be integrated within flooring designs.


Parquet de Versailles

During the 1600s parquet flooring became the epitome of elegance in stately homes, palaces and chateaux throughout France. It was only in the 1680s when Louis XIV, the king of France, installed exceptional parquet designs at Versailles that the fashion became a universal trend in Europe.

Parquetry arrived in England in the 17th century when Queen Henrietta Maria made Somerset House (then Denmark House) her official residency in the late 1620s. Queen Henrietta ordered a major reconstruction and redecoration of the Tudor house, overseen by Inigo Jones, who specified the French style parquet floors within the architectural design. The trend for parquet continued well into the 18th century, with patterns becoming more elaborate and more ambitious. During the 18th century lavish parquet designs were included within the building of St. Petersburg where wealthy property owners used opulent designs to display their wealth.

Carpet and the demise of parquet

Parquet floors remained a good alternative to marble for several centuries being much easier to look after (the wood could be easily replaced when it warped over time). Parquet’s imaginative designs gave an artistic opulence that complimented the architectural style of grander houses, palaces castles and châteaux across Europe.

However, the popularity of parquetry would not survive in contemporary Europe and the rise of textile production and new techniques meant that in the 1930’s, carpet became available to most households, even the more modest homes enjoyed the comfort of carpet underfoot. Almost overnight, people stopped using hardwood floors in their homes in place of the inexpensive synthetic alternative.

 Hidden Gems

Sadly, many parquet floors were hidden beneath carpets from the 30’s onwards with many floors being ripped out and destroyed. However, many floors survived and simply remained a hidden for over 50 years,. It was a keen interest in vintage interiors during the 1980’s that bought interest back to these architectural timber masterpieces.

An astounding return to the use of wood flooring and improved manufacturing techniques gave designers and architects the opportunity to experiment with abstract and intricate patterns, integrating different types of woods and finishes.

Parquet floors are once again the flooring of choice for many with traditional parquet patterns being used in both period properties and contemporary builds.

While there are numerous well-known designs of Parquet flooring, the herringbone design remains a firm favourite with homeowners in the UK. Parquet floors are being reintroduced within both private and commercial properties. With the possibilities of using flooring as art designers and architects are able to integrate bespoke patterns within the block flooring designs. However it is the classic rhythmic patterns of the herringbone weave that have a nostalgic place in the hearts of many.

Flooring experts Ecora supply a collection of different parquet options including both original restored parquet blocks and new contemporary panels and parquet designs.


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Ecora expert Jay du Toit makes her big design predictions for 2015!

Ecora design expert Jay du Toit has started the year off attending some of design's top events, and she shares her predictions for what will be big for the coming year...  Exciting times ahead for interiors, style and design, that's for sure!  


Beautiful Burgundy
No doubt influenced by Pantone's choice of Marsala as their colour of the year, we have seen this rich colour used not only on walls, but also in luxury velvet material on chairs and in lighting. Pictured below is Earthborn paint palette in this hue, as stocked by Ecora

Wire trends

We have noticed a lot of furniture, especially tables, being produced with an emphasis based on the design of the wire legs. This has also been picked up in lighting, giving a nod to a Moroccan theme.

Olive Green

We have regularly noticed that designers are raving about olive green. This may be the colour choice for 2015 with designers using it in kitchens and in upholstery. 


Ink blue

We have seen this rich colour slowly starting to creep into interiors in the last few months, and I think it's set to feature strongly in 2015. Great paired with white and fresh yellow for a very Mediterranean interior. We love the Button Tin colour from Earthborn paints, a little fresher than a traditional ink blue, but a great interior feature.


A Nod to the Eighties

The 1980's are back! Thank goodness we are only seeing more of muted colour palettes with shocks of neon colour and not the hairstyles! Think colour combos of aqua pools with bright pink flamingos. 

Partnering Prints and Strong Colours 

Not for the faint-hearted but definitely a hot option for an on-trend interior! Graphic and bold prints are being paired together to create a fresh approach to interiors - think stripes and tie dye patterns put together.


With tons of trends out there, whichever you decide to follow, make sure you have fun doing it in 2015!

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Ecora Sale Continues – check out our most popular sale items!

With the Ecora January sale currently in full swing, we showcase the most popular items that are flying out the door! 

We have been simply inundated with enquiries for our Mansion Weave parquet wood (pictured below), and have had to order more stock to keep up with demand. Currently down from £139.85 per square metre to £118.87, you can install a stunning artisan floor at 15% off what it will cost for the rest of the year.


And proving that showcase parquet woods are set to be huge in 2015, we have also taken several orders for our Oak Surfaced Planed Chevrons (pictured below), down to only £114.62 per square metre!


Founded in 1920 and based in Cornwall, the Leach Pottery is among the most respected and influential studio potteries in the world. We currently have 50% off our remaining pieces from Leach Pottery but these are selling out fast - so check out these handcrafted beauties while you still can!


Also half price are ceramic containers - classic and versatile pieces designed to stand the test of time. Durable and always in style, these pieces are a great investment piece and are a steal at 50% off!


Don't forget our sale ends on 31 January 2015 - be sure not to miss out on these prices while you can!
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