First Impressions

Enjoy a warm welcome with natural wood floors

When you first enter a building you make an immediate decision whether you like the feel of a space or not. Entrances, hallways, lobbies, foyers and anterooms all play an important part in a building's overall identity and ambience. First impressions are incredibly important both in residential interiors and in commercial or business environments and getting the appearance of an entrance right takes consideration and planning.

Combining materials that are hardworking whilst also attractive and in-keeping with a building's architectural style can be a challenge and entrances and hallways are often overlooked when it comes to design.

By specifying natural materials you instantly give a space a sense of 'softness' that also feels welcoming and comfortable. One vital aspect of a hallway, lobby or entrance is the flooring. Of course, flooring needs to be hardwearing and long lasting yet also look good and be easy to maintain and keep clean. Wood flooring makes the perfect choice for hallways, as it is incredibly forgiving, durable and hardwearing. Natural wood such as oak looks attractive in a variety of settings and works well in both contemporary and period properties.

When choosing a wood floor for your entrance or hall select a timber that masks daily use such as the Ecora's Hampstead Grey Oak. A wood floor that copes well with high footfall, Hampstead Grey has a surface planed finish that disguises marks and scratches far better than a smooth surface.

Sales Director of Ecora, Jeandre du Toit explains further "I always recommend going for a distressed product for use in areas of high usage such as Classic English Oak or Oak Hazel both of which have robust hard-wax oiled finishes. These wood floors also work well in commercial environments such as restaurants, hotels and galleries as well is in residential interiors. We also suggest finishing your wood floor with an additional coat of flooring oil for areas of high traffic.

For a more dramatic impact wood flooring can be used in patterned form such as parquet or block flooring which looks impressive when used within a hall or lobby. A traditional method of adding instant style to an entrance, patterned wood floors are incredibly popular and look particularly effective within historic properties.


               Oak Hampstead Grey, Oak Orchard distressed, Oak Lyndhurst Chevrons, Oak Hazel

Whatever the style or size of your property, it is well worth spending a little time and consideration on the design and style of your entrance, particularly if you are looking to sell in the future. A well though-out and beautifully decorated hallway will undoubtedly add appeal and value to your property making it a worthy investment.





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Hard Choices - wood flooring guide

Top Tips for choosing a natural wood floor...

Where should you start? Solid or engineered timber, classic Oak or glamorous Walnut, Reclaimed Pine or maybe an eye-catching exotic.  There are plenty of choices to navigate in order to find the perfect floor to suit both your lifestyle and the needs of your home. Here are some things to consider:

Structure - The quickest way to establish what product you require is determining the structure of wood which best suits your property. As a rule of thumb, if you have neighbors living below you, or if you have underfloor heating, the best option would be an engineered board. These boards are more stable than solid planks and can be fitted over a sound reducing acoustic underlay and/or a radiant heat supply. Other conditions within a property may also influence this decision and it is always recommended to get advice from a flooring installation expert.
Species and Colour - We find that most clients do not approach a decision on their floor selection by choosing a species, yet this  plays an important part in sustainability, manufacturing, and ultimately the appearance and longevity of a floor.
Think about the space and its dimensions, imagine how it will interact with a dark or light, plain or featured floor. Consider the amount of natural light and whether the selected colour or tone compliments your overall interior style, such as wall colour, kitchen cabinetwork, furniture etc. Light floors can make a space appear larger and airy, while darker flooring could make a room seem smaller.
Grade - The grade of a wood floor typically refers to the amount and size of visible knots, coloration and other natural marks and features yet does not impact on the quality of the product. Cleaner, less knotty grades are usually more expensive than the knottier grades as a typical tree will produce a smaller percentage of this grade.
For more contemporary or minimalistic looks opt for the cleaner grades, while the knottier grades offer a more natural and rustic look at an affordable price making them a favourite for family homes.
Size - Plank size depends on the type and species of flooring selected, Oak will provide the largest size diversity as it is typically available in small parquet blocks, 4m long planks and most sizes in between.
"The basic rule-of-thumb is, the higher the ceilings - the wider the boards" suggests Jeandré, Ecora's Sales Director. "For clients looking for wide planks I usually recommend our 180mm - 220mm wide boards. They are typically a good width for most property types and can be supplied with contemporary or more traditional finishes - without breaking the bank".
Longevity - Do you like it, and will you keep on liking it?
Wood is a great investment for any property as it instantly adds value and character. Be guided in your decisions by a flooring expert but choose a timber that will appeal to you long term.  Over time a wood floor becomes part of your home and grows more beautiful with age.  “There is something about walking on hardwood floor that is just so luxurious,” Jeandré says.   Don’t forget many wood companies will provide samples so you can test the feel and finish of different woods in your home, and specialist suppliers such as Ecora will match samples and source a specified wood.
Floor Finishes - Wooden flooring today comes in all shapes and sizes and the finishes available have also evolved over the years. In addition to protective coatings like lacquer and wax oils, traditionally applied over the unfinished wood, manufacturers use a wide variety of methods to bring out the beauty of the natural grain, change its colour and/or enhance its finish. Unfinished flooring can go through processes like Brushing, which creates a textured surface using roller brushes or Distressing, a process of tumbling wood planks in large tanks with metal objects to provide random dents and scrapes, making the planks appear old and used. Other processes like staining or colour enhancing methods such as oxidation are used to change the colour and appearance, mainly in Oak. By combining several of these methods manufacturers can produce unique surfaces,that once protected with will provide beautiful and durable surfaces.
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100% Design Show, 23rd to 26th September 2015


One of the top design shows to visit this Autumn.

100% Design is the largest and longest running contemporary design event for industry professionals in the UK, with 28,534 visitors in 2014*. First staged in 1995, the show has been run by leading independent publishing and events company Media 10 since 2012.

For 2015, the show will take over a new venue, moving up the road to Olympia London. Staged over 20,000m2 and across 2 floors of the venue, 100% Design is the commercial cornerstone event of the London Design Festival.

The award-winning layout of the show is defined by four key industry sections; Interiors, Workplace, Kitchen & Bathrooms and Design & Build. New for 2015 are the Luxury and Modern British sections.

The show also features specially commissioned editorial hubs across the floors. Topped off by the critically acclaimed Talks with 100% Design programme running across the four days of the show, 100% Design is a diverse, inspirational design experience.

Exhibitors are carefully selected, reflecting the show’s focus on design quality, innovation and relevance to the architecture and design community. Used as an influential platform, the show saw over 1,000 new products launched at the show in 2014. These companies and products, alongside a comprehensive roster of the best media and specialist industry partners, contribute to make 100% Design an essential destination.

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End of summer SPECIAL OFFER..

Amazing discounts are available on our Oak Engineered Rustic 21x220mm flooring.  Choose from the following finishes Portobello, Tennyson and Spitalfields From £71.00 + VAT per m2.
Offer available until 30th September and while stocks last.
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Visit Decorex this year..


Decorex International is synonymous with luxury, and is internationally renowned for being THE event to discover the very best, and most coveted products from our unrivalled collection of 400 hand-selected exhibitors.

With a rich heritage of 38 years, Decorex’s long standing reputation has proven the test of time; growing and evolving to remain exciting and innovative – and 2015 will be no different.

Taking place at the start of the London Design Festival, Decorex will once again be held in the grounds of Syon House - the perfect backdrop for you to discover the future of luxury design.

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The London Design Festival, 19th to 27th Sept 2015


The London Design Festival is an annual event, held to celebrate and promote London as the design capital of the world and as the gateway to the international creative community.

This year Somerset House, one of London’s most important centres for arts and culture, becomes a major new destination for the London Design Festival, showcasing an exciting programme of events during the Festival. Within the historic setting of Somerset House will be exhibitions showcasing collaborations between internationally renowned designers and brands, a presentation of the winning entries from a competition with Twitter, an exploration of how an ancient tree can continue to have a function even after being felled and a display showing the work of the four winners of the British Land Celebration of Design awards, allowing visitors to experience a diversity of design excellence and innovation.

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A Healthy Happy Home

How we decorate and furnish our homes can have a dramatic effect on our state of mind and also influence our general wellbeing and overall health. Furniture, air fresheners, cleaning products, varnishes, carpets and paints all impact on the environment in which we spend our time. The combination of decorative materials, man-made furnishings and everyday cleaning products means that by just being at home we can be breathing in and absorbing an assortment of toxins. The long-term effects of these are not clearly known, but they are thought to be a worrying contributing factor in the rise in asthma, headaches, nausea, stress, eczema and allergies.

Thankfully, we now have a better understanding of how our living space impacts on happiness; wellbeing and general health and can start making changes to improve our home environment. By replacing harmful materials from our homes and introducing more eco-friendly materials and furnishings we can gradually refresh and restore our interiors to become a healthy and toxin free zone. Starting from the basics we can look to natural decorating materials for inspiration and peace of mind.


Jeandre du Toit, our Sales Director explains "By using products made from naturally sourced materials such as paint made without Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or wood flooring finished with natural oils instead of solvent base finishes, you can drastically reduce the short and long-term health risks associated with household toxins. Unlike man-made laminates or dust absorbing carpets, natural wood floors won’t emit subtle toxins over time, plus they are durable, long lasting and far easier to maintain. Wood floors are an excellent choice for home-owners looking for a hard-wearing, neutral and attractive flooring solution. When restoring an older property we can assist in mixing and matching old with new by replacing missing flooring with naturally sourced timber. We also offer a reclaimed flooring service where we restore and fit an original wood floor such as parquet blocks for oak flooring in a new location. By using natural timber as a base within a room you immediately improve the sense of wellbeing. Wood floors are so easy to clean and minimize dust, which can be very beneficial to those with allergies. We also recommend using natural wall finishes such as non toxic paints by British manufacturer 'Earthborn' who produce a beautiful palette of pigmented paints which take inspiration from the nature".


Ecora, is the leading supplier of competitively-priced natural wood flooring, eco-paints, contemporary lighting and natural home accessories. At Ecora’s London Showroom we you will find an extensive range of sustainably sourced new and reclaimed wood flooring and Zero VOC environmental paints, floor finishing oils and maintenance products. So why not give your home a detox this autumn and take natural inspiration and expert advice from Ecora.




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Monochrome mix

This winter, print and pattern play pivotal roles throughout interior design schemes. With monochrome pieces making an impact and geometric designs adding interest, this season sees a bold mix and match of textures, patterns and eye-catching rhythmic designs.

Ecora is one of the UK’s leading natural interiors and flooring stores and this season the showroom features many interesting and inspiring designs. With a large collection of natural wood floors and unique contemporary furnishings the Autumn and Winter collections have a strong focus on pattern and rhythm. From artisan British ceramics to hand-woven designer blankets, parquet and block flooring to lighting, Ecora, provides inspiration to interior designers and homeowners throughout the UK.

All from





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Ecora Summer Sale - flooring, interiors, accessories


This summer, the Ecora sale features more natural flooring and eye-catching interiors products than ever before. With numerous discounts on many of our wood flooring products you can save up to 15% on solid and engineered oak floors.  Pop into our showroom to see examples of our flooring products and discover the impressive summer savings available on our oak flooring, chevrons, block flooring and parquet.  At Ecora we offer a personal bespoke service and our range of finishes include oiled, distressed, fumed and brushed wood floors, giving our customers a wide choice of styles and finishes to suit all budgets.
Also included within the Ecora Summer sale are a selection of our artisan interiors products.  Check out our interiors page for smart storage solutions, bespoke furniture and contemporary accessories such as wire baskets, metal trunks, handmade ceramics and natural woven baskets.
The Ecora Summer Sale finishes on the 22nd August.



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Feel Good Factor

Sometimes interiors can become overly designed and lose a common thread with what feels comfortable and real. A successfully designed interior will combine design elements that not only look good but also make those that use the space feel better.

Modern houses serve many purposes with so many people working from home or having home offices it is important that the living environment offers a comfortable and inspiring backdrop. We are spending more and more time at home with flexi-hours and freelance working arrangements on the rise therefore the home environment needs to be a restful, ordered and welcoming.

Choose furnishings and materials that combine both function and form and that also have character to create a relaxed and inviting home. Combine old and new, contemporary and classic for a comfortable lived in look and use a combination of natural materials for a healthy interior that also promotes wellbeing. Opt for environmentally friendly paints such as the Earthborn range, source certified wood flooring which ticks all the boxes when it comes to combining function and form.

For keeping your home space calm and tidy use multi-functional storage ideas such as baskets, boxes, benches and trunks. For comfort, mix and match cottons, linens and other natural fibers. For an urban rustic look simple shapes and classic designs work better than overcomplicated designs, keep clutter to a minimum and opt for neutral colours throughout your home environment.

Creating a home environment that has a feel good factor will also benefit all of those who live and work there.

















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The White Choice

The White Choice

This month we have hand-picked some of our whiter than white interior products which are proving more popular than ever with London home-owners. White interior schemes are incredibly forgiving and look equally striking in ultra modern or more classic interiors.

Be bold and go for a cool white contemporary look and take inspiration from Scandinavian designs or play safe and use subtle white accessories to brighten and lighten a more traditional living space.


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The Good Life

Natural interiors combine function and form

A comfortable balance between function and form can be easily achieved by choosing simple designs that have a timeless look and practical purpose. For example, storage baskets have a myriad of uses throughout the home. Wicker, bamboo and straw baskets never go out of style and look good in both contemporary and classic settings. 

Combine different varieties of natural materials for a healthy living environment that not only looks good but also functions effectively. When looking for flexible storage and furnishings select designs that are multifunctional such as stools, benches, baskets and storage boxes.

Opting for environmentally friendly materials or recycled items will give your home an eclectic lived-in feel. Add one-off pieces that have their own unique character and keep the colour scheme neutral using earthy rustic tones such as Earthborn’s Muddy Boots eco paint on walls and Ecora’s natural Oak flooring.

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