Feel Good Factor

Sometimes interiors can become overly designed and lose a common thread with what feels comfortable and real. A successfully designed interior will combine design elements that not only look good but also make those that use the space feel better.

Modern houses serve many purposes with so many people working from home or having home offices it is important that the living environment offers a comfortable and inspiring backdrop. We are spending more and more time at home with flexi-hours and freelance working arrangements on the rise therefore the home environment needs to be a restful, ordered and welcoming.

Choose furnishings and materials that combine both function and form and that also have character to create a relaxed and inviting home. Combine old and new, contemporary and classic for a comfortable lived in look and use a combination of natural materials for a healthy interior that also promotes wellbeing. Opt for environmentally friendly paints such as the Earthborn range, source certified wood flooring which ticks all the boxes when it comes to combining function and form.

For keeping your home space calm and tidy use multi-functional storage ideas such as baskets, boxes, benches and trunks. For comfort, mix and match cottons, linens and other natural fibers. For an urban rustic look simple shapes and classic designs work better than overcomplicated designs, keep clutter to a minimum and opt for neutral colours throughout your home environment.

Creating a home environment that has a feel good factor will also benefit all of those who live and work there.