A Healthy Happy Home

How we decorate and furnish our homes can have a dramatic effect on our state of mind and also influence our general wellbeing and overall health. Furniture, air fresheners, cleaning products, varnishes, carpets and paints all impact on the environment in which we spend our time. The combination of decorative materials, man-made furnishings and everyday cleaning products means that by just being at home we can be breathing in and absorbing an assortment of toxins. The long-term effects of these are not clearly known, but they are thought to be a worrying contributing factor in the rise in asthma, headaches, nausea, stress, eczema and allergies.

Thankfully, we now have a better understanding of how our living space impacts on happiness; wellbeing and general health and can start making changes to improve our home environment. By replacing harmful materials from our homes and introducing more eco-friendly materials and furnishings we can gradually refresh and restore our interiors to become a healthy and toxin free zone. Starting from the basics we can look to natural decorating materials for inspiration and peace of mind.


Jeandre du Toit, our Sales Director explains "By using products made from naturally sourced materials such as paint made without Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or wood flooring finished with natural oils instead of solvent base finishes, you can drastically reduce the short and long-term health risks associated with household toxins. Unlike man-made laminates or dust absorbing carpets, natural wood floors won’t emit subtle toxins over time, plus they are durable, long lasting and far easier to maintain. Wood floors are an excellent choice for home-owners looking for a hard-wearing, neutral and attractive flooring solution. When restoring an older property we can assist in mixing and matching old with new by replacing missing flooring with naturally sourced timber. We also offer a reclaimed flooring service where we restore and fit an original wood floor such as parquet blocks for oak flooring in a new location. By using natural timber as a base within a room you immediately improve the sense of wellbeing. Wood floors are so easy to clean and minimize dust, which can be very beneficial to those with allergies. We also recommend using natural wall finishes such as non toxic paints by British manufacturer 'Earthborn' who produce a beautiful palette of pigmented paints which take inspiration from the nature".


Ecora, is the leading supplier of competitively-priced natural wood flooring, eco-paints, contemporary lighting and natural home accessories. At Ecora’s London Showroom we you will find an extensive range of sustainably sourced new and reclaimed wood flooring and Zero VOC environmental paints, floor finishing oils and maintenance products. So why not give your home a detox this autumn and take natural inspiration and expert advice from Ecora.