The Good Life

Natural interiors combine function and form

A comfortable balance between function and form can be easily achieved by choosing simple designs that have a timeless look and practical purpose. For example, storage baskets have a myriad of uses throughout the home. Wicker, bamboo and straw baskets never go out of style and look good in both contemporary and classic settings. 

Combine different varieties of natural materials for a healthy living environment that not only looks good but also functions effectively. When looking for flexible storage and furnishings select designs that are multifunctional such as stools, benches, baskets and storage boxes.

Opting for environmentally friendly materials or recycled items will give your home an eclectic lived-in feel. Add one-off pieces that have their own unique character and keep the colour scheme neutral using earthy rustic tones such as Earthborn’s Muddy Boots eco paint on walls and Ecora’s natural Oak flooring.