Small Space Furniture

Small Space Furniture

Finding stylish furniture for a small space can be real challenge. 

At Ecora we have sourced a range of highly versatile tables and shelves to help you find workable solutions to your limited space problems! 

No 1. The Wall Mounted Metal Side Table

These useful little nice shelves are perfect as a bedside or hall table.   Big enough for a lamp plus a useful nook for books or magazines.   Ideal for those big on bedtime reading.

Available in both black and white. Price: £79.00


No 2: The Narrow Side Table

Perfect as a little laptop table by a chair or sofa, or as a nightstand.  Lightweight and easy to move around.

Price: £179.00 

Available in both 60cm and 56cm high 



No: 3: The Half Moon Wall Mounted Bedside Table/Floating Shelf

This demi lune shelf is great when space is very limited beside a bed.  At just 20cm deep its petit enough to slot into the tightest spot. 

Price: £52.90

No 4: The Ledge Shelf

Super versatile and easy to install.  An update on the picture ledge this one can be used above a bed as an alternative nightstand, or in a hallway as a drop off spot for sunglasses or keys. 

Price: £21.25



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Parisian Inspired Interiors - style your office like 'Emily in Paris'

Parisian Inspired Interiors - style your office like 'Emily in Paris'

Update your home office with Parisian style.

If like me you have been feasting on Netflix's Emily In Paris you will have noticed that along with Emily's fascinating wardrobe, which has been styled by the inimitable Patricia Field, the interiors are equally as swoon worthy!

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Top gifts for him and her - Christmas 2019

Top gifts for him and her - Christmas 2019

Christmas is coming, and we have a special treat for you as we head into the festive season.

Our buyers have been busy all year, searching for items that will make our Christmas gift list. Here we can reveal our top Christmas gifts for men and women in 2019... 

1. Glass Candle Holder - Grey

This sleek and sophisticated glass candle holder will look amazing on your Christmas dining table or on the mantlepiece. Use it with our eco dinner candles in white for an added touch of  elegance, or try one of our rustic pillar candles which are next on our Christmas list below. Have a look here



pillar candles2. Rustic Pillar Candles - Light Grey

Our rustic pillar candles are available in four sizes and each has a lovely rustic finish to the outside, which makes it appear slightly aged and worn. Use them to bathe your home in warming light on a cold winter's night. Have a look here




3. Mandarin & Vanilla Scented Candle

Each of these soy wax candles is set into a glass vessel, and features a beautiful aroma.

This one smells of delicious Mandarin & Vanilla, and comes presented in a natural card gift box. Have a look here



Acacia chopping board
4. Round Acacia Chopping Board

These chopping boards are perfect for laying out your festive cheeses in style. The boards are made from Acacia wood and have a lovely reddy-brown appearance - perfect for the Christmas season. Have a look here



Espresso cup

5. Burnt Grey Espresso Cup

This beautiful Espresso cup & saucer has a lovely mottled finish made up of a variety of colours including greens, greys and browns. Perfect for a revitalising espresso. Have a look here




100% wool blanket6. 100% Wool Blanket - Mint Arctic

This large blanket measures a whopping 130cm x 180cm and is made from 100% lambswool.

It's perfect for having a snuggle and makes a lovely present for someone who needs an extra big hug this Christmas. Have a look here



Linen cushion

7. Linen Cushion - Soft Green

This super soft cushion measures 50cm x 50cm and is made from 100% linen. The natural light green colour means it will  look great on any bed or sofa where a little laid back style is required. Have a look here




Hand Soap

8. Linen Dew Hand Soap 490ml

Linen dew is a wonderful hand soap which contains organic aloe vera and extract of mint to moisturise the skin.

It's presented in a beautiful green bottle which looks great by your bathroom sink. Have a look here




Take a look at our full range of Christmas Gifts at, and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas, from the ecora team!


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Why ecora is buying more locally made products

Why ecora is buying more locally made products

Ecora is developing relationships with local artisans to offer a unique range of products, which are hand made in the north London area.

By supporting local craftsmen we're helping to improve the local economy, whilst ensuring ecora customers find out about their beautiful hand crafted wares. Buying locally sourced products has the added benefit of helping the environment by ensuring the items travel as short a distance as possible between the place of manufacture and our store.

Our first two collaborations are with potters who are based close to our store in Belsize Park.

yngvar Kenig is based in Belsize Park in North London and became a little obsessed with his potters wheel, after accidentally stumbling into the world of ceramics. He sees the beauty of transience and imperfection, and is inspired by the following words of a japanese philosopher: "To be the greatest thing is to live beauty in your daily life, to crowd every moment with things of beauty" ;Yanagi Soetsu. 

We think Hyngvar has succeeded in balancing a simple, unique form with a beautiful hand finished brush stroke.

Now you can join him in his never ending journey of ceramics discovery, by owning one of his bespoke pieces (you may also find him down at his local pub, The Washington, just a few doors from us!)

Our second set of artisans we'd like to introduce you to is OOAK Studio in Camden Town (say ‘oak’, like the tree) This is a collaboration between two friends - Nancy & Tess. They met walking their dogs, and went on to take a pottery class together. What began as a weekly hobby quickly became a passion and OOAK Studio was born.

Their individual, characterful ceramics are thrown on the wheel or hand-built at Rochester Square in Camden, an amazing community of ceramicists and artists.

Inspired by their love of food, nothing makes them happier than people using and enjoying their functional pottery. They use high fire stoneware clay so the pieces are tough enough to use every day (and put in the dishwasher!) and all glazes they use are food-safe.

We hope you like them, as much as our local potters enjoyed making them.

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Top tips from flooring expert Ecora on how to maintain your floorboards

Top tips from flooring expert Ecora on how to maintain your floorboards

Looking after your floorboards should start from the moment they are installed at your home. Keeping your floor looking healthy, clean and like brand new, the process of maintaining is as easy as applying a finishing layer of oil on to your boards and ensuring that appropriate cleaning products are used. 

Ecora, longstanding experts in both high-end and affordable floorboards as well as being the home to a wide range of home accessories, give expert advice on the best way to look after your flooring to keep it looking as good as brand new. 

The following is a breakdown of things to consider:


Wooden floor finishes

In line with our ethos to promote sustainable and natural products we tend to recommend natural oil for maintaining your floor. Usually, those oils tend to be based on vegetable oils and natural waxes, they penetrate through the wood for long-lasting protection, while also preserving its beauty and elasticity.

Oak Hampstead Grey (from £88.85)

Protect the surface of your floor

The simplest way to maintain your floor is to keep it clean and prevent objects from scratching it. Whether it’s the dog or large furniture, rugs are extremely handy when preventing abrasion, and can also add extra chic to your humble abode. Doormats at entryways help to prevent sand, grit, oils, dirt and other abrasive or staining materials from making its way into your home and potentially damaging the floor. To avoid scratches when re-arranging furniture use protective pads on objects such as chairs or tables or anything that is placed directly on the floor’s surface.


An appropriate cleaning regime

Make sure you ask for a specific type of mop and cleaning solution that is compatible for your floor. It is recommended not to use high street general purpose floor cleaners that may contain salts and bleaches that will impair the finish of your wooden floor. Frequent vacuuming is always good to draw household dust away safely but it’s best to vacuum along the grain if possible and be aware of potential damage if dragging a wheeled vacuum cleaner.

Oak Waterside White (from £74.55)


Keeping the correct humidity

Hardwood flooring reacts to changes in the environment so it is important to ensure that environmental conditions are maintained with a temperature of 18°- 24°C (65°-75°F) and humidity at 35 - 55% at all times. Excessive humidity, moisture, heat, or dry conditions can result in cupping or splitting of boards, gapping between boards and/or other problems resulting from exposure to improper environmental conditions, which are usually not covered by the product warranty.


Colour consistency

Hardwood flooring will undergo a natural change in colour over time. The degree of colour change varies by species; it is recommended that you do not place area rugs and large furniture items on a new wooden floor for at least two months following installation to ensure a uniform change. After that, periodic re-arrangement of furniture and area rugs will help ensure natural even change.

Oak Hampstead Brown Chevron (from £139.85)

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Ecora has the answer to creating the best meditative space for your home

Ecora has the answer to creating the best meditative space for your home

Some people would say that keeping your home clean and tidy is the key to peace and happiness, while some think that it is solely down to the fengshui. Others would argue that even the simplest aspects of a home, like colour schemes, textures and small home accessories could create the best meditative living space.

Claire Bloom, Ecora’s in-house interior designer, says, “The modern home is now being renovated and decorated with a sense of cohesion, sustainability and serenity”.

She continues, “One of the most effective ways to find inner peace, is to be in an environment that evokes a sense of tranquility and calmness to the five senses."

We asked Claire what her key elements are in making a meditative space for your home:


Bringing nature in – plants and flowers

Having plants in your home is the cheapest, simplest way to improve, not only the tranquility of your home, but also the flow of air circulation in your humble abode. Plants are nature’s first air purifier, and the different hues and tones of green bring a feel of freshness and calmness, as well promoting a sense of healing. Hanging planters are a great way to elevate your greenery to all heights of your home, while indoor tree plants can compliment your furniture, and small succulents make gorgeous decorations on your windowsill.


Elemental themesnatural stone, woods, woven products

On the idea of bringing nature into your home, materials like stone and natural woods have the ability to create a luxurious natural look, while endorsing sustainability and eco-living. For example, having stones and pebbles in your bathroom can give a deeper, earthier dimension to the space while also lowering your stress levels. The same goes for wood - having wood in your home mimics the effect of being in the outdoors with Mother Nature, and usually in its line of production, the finishing effects of wood tend to reflect natural light very well, giving the illusion of more open space and bringing nature’s glorious appeal indoors.


Evoking your sensescolour and smells

It is a known fact that colours can evoke emotions, for example red is associated with passion and anger, yellow is mellow and happy, and white is total purity and even coldness in some circumstances. For the best meditative ambiences in your home, violet is a colour known to evoke and increase your spiritual awareness, and it has association with time, space and the galaxy. Green, which can easily be decorated by using plants, can evoke feelings of balance, refreshment and peace. Blue, which is also apparently the world’s favourite colour, is often associated with the sky and the sea, and can invoke emotions of clearness, calmness and serenity.


Sense of space, flow, circulation storage options, open spaces

The most basic way of creating a more peaceful space is, of course, to make space. Homes that are messy and more than likely to reflect the messy and unorganized mindset in any person, which is why people often feel that they need to clean their homes regularly. In fact, people who ‘declutter’ are able to organise their minds by removing attachments to physical objects, and to focus more on the details of physical life and the beauty of nature around. Even if you are finding it hard to get rid of your things, being able to organise your home by putting them neatly into storage, or even ensuring you have a spacious walkway from room to room can encourage structure and control of your own living space. Stressed is the last thing you need to be in your humble abode!


Natural illuminationvases, mirrors, lanterns

The rays of the suns are filled with so many benefits, such as giving plants life, powering us with solar energy, and ultimately illuminating a beautiful world through our eyes. Not only does natural light perform better for our eyes in comparison to artificial light, it also improves our concentration levels and stimulates our happy emotions – but the most amazing thing is that natural light apparently has the ability to increase our healing process.  To encourage natural light, you could clear obstructions from your windows and place reflective home accessories like glass vases, mirrors and even light-toned floorboards in your home.  Candles are another way to create a reflective and peaceful mood in your home instantly developing a softer light that relaxes and soothes. A candle can also transform a room through its scent such as lavender or rose. 


Our top selling products for a meditative space:

Top left to right: Blue stoneware bowl (£16.75) || Hanging planters (£29.95) || Hurricane lantern with candle (from £64)
Bottom left to right: Brass & black rod light (£185) || Scented candle (£12.95) || Antique copper mirror (£29.95)


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Profile Interview... 60 seconds with ceramicist Noa Weintraub

Profile Interview... 60 seconds with ceramicist Noa Weintraub

Noa Weintraub is a London-based ceramicist, artist and illustrator who launched her own career after studying for a Fine Arts degree at Chelsea College of Art.  After launching her own handbag label 'Girl's Best Friend', whilst also fashion styling alongside art & fashion icon Judy Blame, Noa returned to her fine arts roots and became a full-time artist and illustrator while working on her own collections of hand-painted ceramics. Noa is now one of Ecora’s local suppliers for the store’s home accessories department.

  • What inspired you to become a ceramicist?  

For me it was a natural progression to evolve from painting and illustration to using clay as another medium, and ultimately painting on ceramics. Ceramics are like another canvas for me. The excitement of waiting to see what will come out of the kiln is quite addictive – it's like magic! I love textures, decoration and detail, and this practise lends itself so well to all these elements. Translating my love of textiles and fashion into a ceramic piece is so much fun, and I feel that it adds an unexpected quality to the piece.   

  • What would you say is your style in ceramics? 

My ceramics are inspired by such a variety of things. I love colour and decoration and try and bring that into the work. There's also a strong element of nostalgia in my work, a vintage feel so to speak. At the same time, there's humour and a little tongue in cheek!  

  • What would you say is your style identity in general? 

Eclectic for sure - Busby Berkeley Musicals, Mexican and Spanish motifs, botany, vintage fabrics, couture, the mountains of Corsica, Chinese paper-cuts, ruffles on skirts, lingerie, lace, crochet, embroidery, costume jewellery - these are all things that inspire my work. 

My background is a mix of fine art and fashion, and I find inspiration in the smallest detail to the biggest event. This all translates into my work, how I dress and how I dress my home. 

  • What are your must-have accessories in your home, not ceramics? 

Anything that combines fun with function is always a winner combination in my opinion. Cushions that brighten up a sofa are a great accessory. You can really go wild with a cushion because it's such an easy thing to change when you get bored of it, yet it's impact is strong. I'd say the same goes for interesting paintings and art on the walls. Lamps are my other favourite, as they create such atmosphere with their design and also with their lighting. 

  • Can you foresee any trends in accessories for A/W17? 

There has been a serious interest in craft over the last few years. I think that's great and as an artist / maker, it's nice to be supported and appreciated for the craftsmanship and time it takes in making a piece of work. I think this will continue as we also show more appreciation for one-off pieces for the home – a nice alternative to high street shopping.


Noa's plates are now available in store, each reduced from £85 now £68.

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Profile Interview... 60 Seconds With Interior Designer Claire Bloom

Profile Interview... 60 Seconds With Interior Designer Claire Bloom

Claire Bloom is an interior designer providing a bespoke service to property developers and is a resident designer to Ecora, the hospitality industry and private clients. In this interview, she offers us a glimpse of her design inspiration and what's on her wishlist…. 

 What inspired you to go into Interior design?    

I have always been interested in creating houses and homes.  This started from a child; as soon as I could pick up a toy I was making it a house. I used to create the most elaborate dolls houses and would happily play for hours at this.  The interior environment has just always fascinated me.  It’s really quite innate and my parents were never quite sure where it came from. 

What would you say is your style identity?   

My style identity has changed a lot over the years, and I’m forever evolving.  My interest in interiors incorporates not only what is in fashion, but also historical interior design.  I would say own personal style is rather boho luxe, a mix of quirky colour, antiques (mostly French or Italian) combined with a dash mid century glam, so pretty eclectic. I think a common trait amongst designers is that we are collectors, always building the inspiration bank. 

What is your favourite home accessory?   

My favourite home accessory would be my hall console and mirror.  I use this area as my ‘at home moodboard’ and it continually changes with the seasons and trends.  I change up the flower display, add plants, pictures, and vases on a continual basis depending on my mood or my colour obsession of the moment. 

How important is flooring for a home?  Are there any particular floorboards on your wish list? 

When I’m designing any interior, flooring is the first thing on my list.  It sets the tone for the whole scheme.  If you have a good quality floor it’s going to make the rest of furnishings look expensive.  I would rather splurge on flooring and save on other design features. 

My flooring wish-list dream would be white washed parquet.  I live in London in a traditional town house, and this type of flooring looks absolutely beautiful in this setting.  

If there was any character in the world (not an interior stylist) that could decorate your home – who would you choose? 

If I could choose a character to design my home it would be Josephine Baker.  She embodied the glamour of the 30s Jazz age and had an interior style to match her flamboyant persona.  She bought and restored a Chateau Des Milandes in the Dordogne using an elaborate art deco style with no expense spared!  



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Ecora flooring that sets the tone for an elegant shabby chic look
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