Why ecora is buying more locally made products

Why ecora is buying more locally made products

Ecora is developing relationships with local artisans to offer a unique range of products, which are hand made in the north London area.

By supporting local craftsmen we're helping to improve the local economy, whilst ensuring ecora customers find out about their beautiful hand crafted wares. Buying locally sourced products has the added benefit of helping the environment by ensuring the items travel as short a distance as possible between the place of manufacture and our store.

Our first two collaborations are with potters who are based close to our store in Belsize Park.

yngvar Kenig is based in Belsize Park in North London and became a little obsessed with his potters wheel, after accidentally stumbling into the world of ceramics. He sees the beauty of transience and imperfection, and is inspired by the following words of a japanese philosopher: "To be the greatest thing is to live beauty in your daily life, to crowd every moment with things of beauty" ;Yanagi Soetsu. 

We think Hyngvar has succeeded in balancing a simple, unique form with a beautiful hand finished brush stroke.

Now you can join him in his never ending journey of ceramics discovery, by owning one of his bespoke pieces (you may also find him down at his local pub, The Washington, just a few doors from us!)

Our second set of artisans we'd like to introduce you to is OOAK Studio in Camden Town (say ‘oak’, like the tree) This is a collaboration between two friends - Nancy & Tess. They met walking their dogs, and went on to take a pottery class together. What began as a weekly hobby quickly became a passion and OOAK Studio was born.

Their individual, characterful ceramics are thrown on the wheel or hand-built at Rochester Square in Camden, an amazing community of ceramicists and artists.

Inspired by their love of food, nothing makes them happier than people using and enjoying their functional pottery. They use high fire stoneware clay so the pieces are tough enough to use every day (and put in the dishwasher!) and all glazes they use are food-safe.

We hope you like them, as much as our local potters enjoyed making them.