Underfloor heating at Ecora bridges the gap between sustainability and luxury

Who says we can’t experience luxury in our homes whilst being environmentally responsible? Previously considered a modern luxury, underfloor heating is now considered a practical solution to heating your home as it is 25% more efficient than an equivalent radiator system which also takes up room space. 

With more homeowners seeking a more made to measure, custom-fit look for their homes, wood flooring has increased in popularity and is significantly more hygienic than carpets, but it doesn’t have to stop there. You can maximize your comfort in your home and get a more consistent temperature by installing underfloor heating and experience that luxurious feeling of warm feet all year round. When it comes to wood flooring, an underfloor heating system can only be used on engineered wood that has been specifically approved for such use.   The engineered versions are available across all of Ecora’s floor product range, offering homeowners plenty of options when considering installation of this growing trend, perfectly suited to open plan living, a clean and clutter free look that is also safe for children and the elderly who suffer from allergies. 

Ecora's wood flooring consists of a range of light floors, mid toned floors and dark floors. Two of the favourite tones and styles from the dark flooring range are the North American Walnut and the Oak Classic English Distressed floors.  


Ecora Director, Jeandré du Toit gives us 5 top tips when considering underfloor heating in your home: 

  1. Readers need to be aware that they cannot turn up the UFH too high and should also consider the wide range of temperatures throughout the seasons.  During the summer months the timber will expand whereas timber shrinks in winter
  2. It is important should consider purchasing additional material over the recommended cutting / wasted allowance for consistency
  3. All flooring must be stored in the correct condition prior to installation; such as ensuring the site is watertight.  Solid wood must be allowed to acclimatise for at least 10 days prior to the installation
  4. It is not advisable to cover the timber floor with insulating materials like protective sheeting, carpets or rugs when the heating is operational as it may create local 'hotspots' and compromise the timber, glue and/or finish

It is absolutely mandatory that homeowners ensure that they use engineered wood for underfloor heating and that it has been approved for such use.