Profile Interview... 60 seconds with ceramicist Noa Weintraub

Profile Interview... 60 seconds with ceramicist Noa Weintraub

Noa Weintraub is a London-based ceramicist, artist and illustrator who launched her own career after studying for a Fine Arts degree at Chelsea College of Art.  After launching her own handbag label 'Girl's Best Friend', whilst also fashion styling alongside art & fashion icon Judy Blame, Noa returned to her fine arts roots and became a full-time artist and illustrator while working on her own collections of hand-painted ceramics. Noa is now one of Ecora’s local suppliers for the store’s home accessories department.

  • What inspired you to become a ceramicist?  

For me it was a natural progression to evolve from painting and illustration to using clay as another medium, and ultimately painting on ceramics. Ceramics are like another canvas for me. The excitement of waiting to see what will come out of the kiln is quite addictive – it's like magic! I love textures, decoration and detail, and this practise lends itself so well to all these elements. Translating my love of textiles and fashion into a ceramic piece is so much fun, and I feel that it adds an unexpected quality to the piece.   

  • What would you say is your style in ceramics? 

My ceramics are inspired by such a variety of things. I love colour and decoration and try and bring that into the work. There's also a strong element of nostalgia in my work, a vintage feel so to speak. At the same time, there's humour and a little tongue in cheek!  

  • What would you say is your style identity in general? 

Eclectic for sure - Busby Berkeley Musicals, Mexican and Spanish motifs, botany, vintage fabrics, couture, the mountains of Corsica, Chinese paper-cuts, ruffles on skirts, lingerie, lace, crochet, embroidery, costume jewellery - these are all things that inspire my work. 

My background is a mix of fine art and fashion, and I find inspiration in the smallest detail to the biggest event. This all translates into my work, how I dress and how I dress my home. 

  • What are your must-have accessories in your home, not ceramics? 

Anything that combines fun with function is always a winner combination in my opinion. Cushions that brighten up a sofa are a great accessory. You can really go wild with a cushion because it's such an easy thing to change when you get bored of it, yet it's impact is strong. I'd say the same goes for interesting paintings and art on the walls. Lamps are my other favourite, as they create such atmosphere with their design and also with their lighting. 

  • Can you foresee any trends in accessories for A/W17? 

There has been a serious interest in craft over the last few years. I think that's great and as an artist / maker, it's nice to be supported and appreciated for the craftsmanship and time it takes in making a piece of work. I think this will continue as we also show more appreciation for one-off pieces for the home – a nice alternative to high street shopping.


Noa's plates are now available in store, each reduced from £85 now £68.