Profile Interview... 60 Seconds With Interior Designer Claire Bloom

Profile Interview... 60 Seconds With Interior Designer Claire Bloom

Claire Bloom is an interior designer providing a bespoke service to property developers and is a resident designer to Ecora, the hospitality industry and private clients. In this interview, she offers us a glimpse of her design inspiration and what's on her wishlist…. 

 What inspired you to go into Interior design?    

I have always been interested in creating houses and homes.  This started from a child; as soon as I could pick up a toy I was making it a house. I used to create the most elaborate dolls houses and would happily play for hours at this.  The interior environment has just always fascinated me.  It’s really quite innate and my parents were never quite sure where it came from. 

What would you say is your style identity?   

My style identity has changed a lot over the years, and I’m forever evolving.  My interest in interiors incorporates not only what is in fashion, but also historical interior design.  I would say own personal style is rather boho luxe, a mix of quirky colour, antiques (mostly French or Italian) combined with a dash mid century glam, so pretty eclectic. I think a common trait amongst designers is that we are collectors, always building the inspiration bank. 

What is your favourite home accessory?   

My favourite home accessory would be my hall console and mirror.  I use this area as my ‘at home moodboard’ and it continually changes with the seasons and trends.  I change up the flower display, add plants, pictures, and vases on a continual basis depending on my mood or my colour obsession of the moment. 

How important is flooring for a home?  Are there any particular floorboards on your wish list? 

When I’m designing any interior, flooring is the first thing on my list.  It sets the tone for the whole scheme.  If you have a good quality floor it’s going to make the rest of furnishings look expensive.  I would rather splurge on flooring and save on other design features. 

My flooring wish-list dream would be white washed parquet.  I live in London in a traditional town house, and this type of flooring looks absolutely beautiful in this setting.  

If there was any character in the world (not an interior stylist) that could decorate your home – who would you choose? 

If I could choose a character to design my home it would be Josephine Baker.  She embodied the glamour of the 30s Jazz age and had an interior style to match her flamboyant persona.  She bought and restored a Chateau Des Milandes in the Dordogne using an elaborate art deco style with no expense spared!