Small Space Furniture

Small Space Furniture

Finding stylish furniture for a small space can be real challenge. 

At Ecora we have sourced a range of highly versatile tables and shelves to help you find workable solutions to your limited space problems! 

No 1. The Wall Mounted Metal Side Table

These useful little nice shelves are perfect as a bedside or hall table.   Big enough for a lamp plus a useful nook for books or magazines.   Ideal for those big on bedtime reading.

Available in both black and white. Price: £79.00


No 2: The Narrow Side Table

Perfect as a little laptop table by a chair or sofa, or as a nightstand.  Lightweight and easy to move around.

Price: £179.00 

Available in both 60cm and 56cm high 



No: 3: The Half Moon Wall Mounted Bedside Table/Floating Shelf

This demi lune shelf is great when space is very limited beside a bed.  At just 20cm deep its petit enough to slot into the tightest spot. 

Price: £52.90

No 4: The Ledge Shelf

Super versatile and easy to install.  An update on the picture ledge this one can be used above a bed as an alternative nightstand, or in a hallway as a drop off spot for sunglasses or keys. 

Price: £21.25