Natural Blondes

Stand the test of time with natural wood flooring from Ecora

Interior design trends come and go at a frightening speed; yet, the key to creating an interior that will endure the test of time lies in simplicity. If you cast your mind back through the decades and conjure up images of beautiful interiors from the 20’s, 50’s, 90’s one common thread that remains constant is the use of high quality natural materials such as wood flooring.


Successful interior design takes into consideration the longevity of a project and how the space will evolve over time. Some of the key aspects of designing an interior that works well both for today and for future generations are the specification of architectural details and materials that have a ‘timeless’ appeal.

Wood flooring creates a backdrop that will stand the test of time, effortlessly combining practicality with aesthetics. In selecting a ‘neutral’ blonde shade of flooring you can create a setting that will compliment both traditional furnishings as well as super contemporary detailing. Blonde woods are incredibly forgiving and have a chameleon like effect where floors can both give warmth to a space or bring a sense of cool to a room dependent on how the timber is finished.

Blondes work very well alongside neutral decorative schemes such as Scandinavian, French Chic or Country style interiors. At the other end of the spectrum Blonde timbers also compliment more bold contemporary environments such as loft spaces and open plan apartments.

From simple natural boards to more ornate parquet designs, natural blonde wood flooring offers a solid backdrop to all types of architectural and interior design, providing a timeless quality that will endearingly stand the test of time.

Natural Blonde wood flooring from Ecora


Oak Woodstock £68.85 m2, Parquet Panels £165.85 m2, Oak Orchard Distressed flooring £84.85 m2, Oak Chevrons £134.85.


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