Designer Interview! Meet Jonty Hampson of Hamspon Woods

As part of our revamped Ecora blog - which aims to bring you vibrant and inspiring news and events from the world of design - we are introducing monthly interviews with some of our all time favourite designers!

Finding what makes a creative mind tick is a great insight into their work and into what drives their vision, so we can't wait to share these interviews with you!

First to face the heat is Jonty Hampson, founder of Hampson Woods, famed for crafting wood pieces with individual charm, especially kitchenware such as chopping boards and cookware. With a focus on craftsmanship and an appreciation for the individuality of each piece, their Hackney workshop produces truly gorgeous pieces. 

Here's our interview with Jonty! Enjoy!


1. The London Design scene continues to be a source of inspiration worldwide. What is it about London properties and British interiors that make them so popular?

Britain has a heritage of quality craftsmanship, solid yet beautiful materials and an uncanny ability to remain at the cutting edge of design. There have always been such varied styles and influences too - British design has never been afraid to “mix things up.”

2. How is interior design in the UK changing with such an international community of home-owners? Are styles influenced by overseas buyers for example?
Britain has always had a far-reach in the world, and always been a hotbed for other nationalities to come here and thrive - this can be seen by the varied styles adopted by craftsmen and designers. This is perhaps partly why overseas buyers can relate to what is here.
3. What interesting projects are you currently working on?
We’re working on various wooden products for both the kitchen and the home in general - pieces that will last through the generations, pieces that will add to the beauty of any home.
4. What architectural and interior design trends do you predict for 2015?
I can imagine there will be further mix of materials - the last few years has seen a return to an unfussy and beautiful use of material in a more natural form than before - the coming years I think will see some beautiful combinations of these natural elements. Also, I can only hope sustainability and ethical sourcing will continue their strengthened movement into our every day lives.
5. What are your essential ingredients when creating successful interior design schemes? From larger items to smaller accessories and finishes etc
Attention to use, and to the person using it. And to the pure aesthetic of it. And it should go without saying that materials should be beautiful and durable, and that any production happens with skill and consideration.
6. Who have been your biggest influences in your career - friends, family and mentors?
The world around us in general I think - that obviously includes friends, family, works that we admire - but probably more relevant is the natural world that we are surrounded by, anything from the ground to the sky.


7. Where are your favourite hangouts in London and why, also best meal you have ever had?

Good local pubs seem to score strongly on this front, the Elderfield, the Adam and Eve, the Leyton Technical - a well-spaced and cosy place where you can either happily read the paper or discuss the day passed - or on certain evenings, have an exciting (and potentially raucous) night with loved ones.

8. How is the very best ways to spend a lazy Sunday in the UK?

Papers and coffee followed by Sunday roast and a beverage - surely?!


9. What's the most played track on your ipod at the moment?

There’s been a lot of Sam Cooke and Guided by Voices - and an emerging London band called H Grimace, certainly worth checking out.


Ecora is proud to stock Hampson Woods, so for more of their pieces check in store or online on our Kitchen Accessories page