Embracing Deep, Dark and Dramatic Woods

With the autumn evenings closing in, here at Ecora we are loving the imagery we are seeing in magazines of rich, deep and dark interiors – spaces that invite you in, hand you a glass of red wine and a cosy blanket.

While dark wood floors are a classic popular all year round, at this time of year we get lots of enquiries for this line as customers look to create a cosy haven ahead of the coming cold weather.  

“We are seeing a big demand for dark floors and architraves which work in contrast with light painted walls,”says ecora. “It echoes very much of Kelly Hoppen's signature designs, which are simple, clean and masculine, and then finished with feminine touches.”

The Ecora collection of dark woods includes Ipe wood, with gorgeous auburn tones and a translucent grain pattern (below left), the unique scorched and pigmented Oak Langham (below centre) and the darkest wood in the range – the truly dramatic bold black Oak Long Acre (below right). 


 You can see our full range of dark woods here, and don't forget our expert team are always to help you find the exact match for the interior you are looking for!