How to use natural autumn colours for a fabulous interior

Autumn is upon us and it's truly one of our favourite seasons for interior inspiration!

Autumn, or Fall, depending on how you see it, is associated with burnt oranges, warm browns and deep reds – gloriously rich and regal tones that enhance an interior all year round. 

If you're looking to update your interior with a touch of Autumn-inspired colour, why not look towards designer eco paints from Earthborn, stocked by Ecora. 

We love the Yorkshire Moors inspiration palette from Earthborn (below) for the coming season, focusing on the bleak and beautiful moors ‘up north’. 

 And for even more autumn shades, here are our top picks from their gorgeously pigmented paints for the season ahead.


 From left to right: Mittens, Muddy Boots, Pumpkin Pie, Flower Pot and Dark Cocoa colours from Earthborn

Not only are Earthborn paints a convenient and cost effective way to update your home, their health benefits are unbeatable too – they are free of VOCs and other harmful emissions, and are odour free, oil free and highly breathable.

Read more about Ecora's thoughts on the benefits of eco paint here and pop into our showroom for help in choosing the right shade for your home!