October's Designer Interview: Bespoke Bed Creator Daniel Spring!

Ecora fans may remember that last year we launched a gorgeous collaborative range of beds with bespoke bed maker Daniel Spring.

Incorporating Ecora's natural woods into his handcrafted beds, he created a range of stand-alone pieces that also allowed a seamless match with wooden bedroom floors.

And with a new range of incredible polished steel furniture added to his collection, we thought there was no better time to ask this RCA-trained designer about his influences, inspirations and what he’s currently practicing on the guitar...


 1. The London Design scene continues to be a source of inspiration worldwide. What is it about London properties and British interiors that make them so popular?

Britain brings to mind for some Downton Abbey, Jane Austen and the Royal Family, and therefore stately homes with traditional interiors. For others, London represents a twist on tradition, with its thriving arts scene and celebration of eccentricity. Both, though, prioritise the high quality craftsmanship inherent to the scene, and I think that this is recognised around the world.

2. How is interior design in the UK changing with such an international community of home-owners? Are styles influenced by overseas buyers for example?

It’s flourishing because there is such an international community of wealthy home-owners who see London as the place to be. This means London-based interior designers are busy and able to employ lots of talented young people…and designers! I think there’s a breadth of directions overseas buyers want to go in aesthetically – whether it’s a return to Georgian interiors, invoking their homeland or going completely minimal and filling huge, blank walls with modern art.

Above: Handcrafted beds from the Daniel Spring collection 


3. What interesting projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a new product version of my polished stainless steel Puddle coffee tables with a leading global art institution (can’t share the name just yet!). This is a great foil to my usual work, which is bespoke pieces of furniture for high-end residential projects.

4. What architectural and interior design trends do you predict for 2015?

Clients continue to want to show the investment they’ve made in their homes by using high quality materials. Because they’re also showing an interest in displaying more objects on shelving that is open – rather than hidden away – I have been receiving more interest in my wood-and-metal bespoke modular shelving systems.

5. What are your essential ingredients when creating successful interior design schemes? From larger items to smaller accessories and finishes etc.

It’s probably no surprise if I say I love clean, architectural lines. Saying that, I like my own spaces at home to feel welcoming and comfortable. Being a father, I’ve had to become accustomed to having a lot more stuff, so clever storage spaces have become a real focus. I also like to have many lighting options, to change the feeling of a room and emphasise its best features.

6. Who have been your biggest influences in your career - friends, family and mentors?

Architect Neave Brown, who is in fact my uncle. A disciple of Corbusier, he built really interesting residential projects in post-war London. Though he had to work to tight budgets, his aim was to promote social cohesion and give everyone outdoor space.


Above: Highly polished stainless steel creations from Daniel Spring, including vanity table (L) and puddle tables (R)

 7. Where are your favourite hangouts in London and why, also best meal you have ever had?

I’ve lived in London for a long time, so what I really enjoy now is finding nature, such as Epping Forest, Hackney Marshes, Regents Canal and of course, the Thames. For culture, I love the Royal Academy, William Morris Museum, British Film Institute and Somerset House. As for the best meals, dinner parties at home with friends and family is where you’ll find me happiest and most satisfied.

8. How is the very best ways to spend a lazy Sunday in the UK?

East London is our favourite place, having lived on Columbia Road Flower Market for more than ten years! Breakfast and newspapers at home, a delicious coffee at Start art gallery, a walk down the market and lunch upstairs in the dining room at the Royal Oak, at Campania (once it reopens at Jones Dairy) or Brawn. Then, we’d walk it all off with a walk east along the canal to Victoria Park.

9. What's the most played track on your ipod at the moment?

The syncopated chords of Burt Baccarat, whose songs I’m currently practising on the guitar!

A big thanks to Daniel Spring for his time, and to see more of his creations, visit www.danielspring.co.uk!