Shades of Grey

Natural wood floors in neutral grey tones provide the perfect backdrop for classic and contemporary homes...



One of the most important choices you need to make when planning a room is deciding the type of flooring you intend to use. Tying all elements of the room together successfully can be tricky and choosing a 'neutral' toned floor as a base will give you more options in terms of both decoration and interior style.


Designers, Developers and Architects often opt for grey toned floors as they work beautifully in both contemporary and period properties and bring a sense of light and space to a room. Grey finishes are also very forgiving and offer a 'timeless' quality that will never look dated or old fashioned. In opting for a high quality natural wood floor in a grey finish you will also instantly add value to your home, making it more appealing to potential buyers.


There are a number of options to consider such as which type of wood to choose, Oak being the most popular choice. Solid boards do require more of an investment but will last for generations, whilst engineered boards provide a more affordable option. Why not opt for a hand-finished timber which will have its own unique character and an aged look. There are a number of interesting finishes available including brushed, scorched, fumed and oiled and by combining several techniques you can achieve a 'bespoke' finish. When selecting the colour or tone consider a mid-grey which will work universally particularly in older properties, a lighter, whiter finish will give a more modern clean look, whilst a darker grey can provide a more opulent dramatic effect that work well in larger open plan spaces such as lofts and warehouse apartments.


Whatever your preference or style of home, a natural wood floor will give your property a hardwearing, long-lasting and beautiful backdrop that combines the very best of function and form.