"One of the most common questions I am asked by clients is wood flooring suitable for a kitchen? My answer every time is absolutely!

There are, of course, better options than others. Ideally you choose a floor with a lacquered finished, such as our Grey French Oak, as a lacquered finish creates a film over the surface of the wood therefore protecting the actual material more. Should you prefer an oiled finished, as many of our clients do, I always recommend an additional coat of oil to be applied to their floor. This is beneficial for protection against spills but also against heavy traffic as a kitchen is an area in the house you will use everyday. 

If you are going for an ultra modern look in your kitchen, perhaps using polished nickel drawers and mirrored plinths, then a good choice to consider is our Oak Heat-Treated, finished with a Satin-Matt sheen level this will create a masculine and contemporary look.

For clients who want to create a happy medium between modern and traditional I think good options to look at are our Oak Tennyson if you want to create a light, fresh space without it becoming too clinical. Another good option is our Oak, Prime, Lacquered. This will create a warm family environment and will protect well against spills.

If your interior is going to be a more traditional one, perhaps you have a painted wooden kitchen with an Aga and more traditional features throughout, then distressed products such as our Oak Orchard and Oak Hazel can be good options to use. If you aren’t so keen on the distressed products, options such as our Oak Lonsdale and Oak Beaufort might work better for your interior.

We provide free samples to all our clients, these are great to take along when choosing your kitchen and other textiles that you will be using, as you can create a mock up mood board and see what colours work best together.

As always, our staff are available via email, phone or in our showrooms to offer you advice on your current renovation project."

Jeandre du Toit

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