We just wanted to share a sneak peek of a fabulous new interior Ecora helped to create recently in a beautiful London apartment. 

We had a client who wanted to create a glamorous interior, but subtle enough to match existing pieces of furniture as well as any new additions down the track. We chose Ecora’s popular Oak Milton as the perfect choice for this project.

The natural light in the apartment is slightly limited, so our client kept the walls, kitchen and furniture bright, light and airy. This allowed her to lay a rustic, featured floor without making the apartment feel dark or small. 

She finished off the look with tasteful and bold pieces of art and fresh flowers around the property, creating a contemporary London interior. The floor is the main feature in the project and it sits very well with the other pieces of furniture to create a fresh interior but still maintaining a comfortable 'lived in' atmosphere.

Ecora’s Jeandre du Toit worked on this project, and loved the finished look. “Personally I love this style,” Jeandre says. “I think it works for a typical London couple who lead busy lifestyles. It is also a style that wont age and is easily re-workable by adding more grey tones or even a strong accent colour such as a lime green. “

Ecora Oak Milton is priced from £57.85 m² ex. VAT.