Home Accessory Trend – The Latest in Vase Style

Home Accessory Trend – The Latest in Vase Style

Essential to completing a personalised look for any home, the humble vase has become the ultimate design piece.  

 The ancient Greeks’ put vase painting on the map, often decorating fine pottery, that was traditionally used for holding or serving liquid, in figures or individuals in scenes from Greek mythology. Throughout the ages, this centre piece never lost its significance in the home and now evolves with seasonal home fashion trends throughout the years.  Ecora’s newest vase range has captured the latest trend in accessorising for any budding florist.  

 Claire Bloom, Ecora’s Interior Stylist says, “The trend this season is for very natural looking flower arrangements, with a ‘hand-picked’ feel.  This type of bouquet might incorporate a mix of wild flowers like Cow Parsley and Ferns or delicate blooms from the daisy family such as Cosmos”.

 Another trend is for single stems or trios or just one colour bloom, such as all white or green Alliums or a trio of large head Hydrangeas.  This type of very casual, minimal arrangement looks stunning in a large tall vase as a focal point on a console or mantelpiece”.


Ecora latest vases are perfect for this look – a selection include the Dark Blue Vase £28, Small Colour Vases £8 each, Glass Vases £34 and Wooden Vase £26 (shown on previous page)