Flooring Trends 2014

Forecasting trends can be a little like dabbling in the dark arts but this summer we have well and truly done our research here at Ecora when it comes to forecasting interiors trends for next year. 

Yes, we have indulged in a multitude of coffee blends and we readily admit the fact that a few bottles of fine wine have been opened over the last few months but all in the name of research and networking.  In reality, we have been working closely with interior designers, architects, specifiers, property developers and buyers to find out what their needs are and what the specifications from their clients are likely to be.  Asking questions, troubleshooting and problem solving have in fact encouraged us to further develop our options when it comes to flooring finishes, sizes, colours etc. We have also increased our ability to offer entirely unique finishes, truly bespoke flooring, made to order, project by project on request.

So, after such ardous research we do in fact feel qualified to predict some interiors trends for 2014 including the use of wider flooring boards which work well in open-plan contemporary spaces, whilst white oiled and chalky finishes will continue to be popular as will rustic and reclaimed oaks.  The use of new and recycled parquet and decorative block flooring panels is on the rise and we predict a move towards more textured wood flooring finishes that add interest to an interior such as scorched, brushed, fumed and washed wood floors.

So if you are after some inspiration or would like to talk through some a ideas for a project do pop into one of our Ecora showrooms or call us.