A Whiter Shade of Pale: Create a Winter Wonderland in your Interior with a Stylish Palette of White

Be inspired this season by snow whites and pale greys of winter skies to transform your home into a cool and calm sanctuary all year round.


Lighter-toned wood floors are a showstopping feature in a home, and now come without the headache of cleaning issues due to vast improvements in sealing and treatments that will keep a stylish white floor resplendent all year round.


Above: From L-R, Ecora's Oak Firenze, Oak Hampstead and Oak Brendan Brushed.

Paints in a white palette create a crisp contemporary base for your home, with its subtlety allowing artwork and furniture to stand supreme.

This colourway also helps to create a sense of calm and peace throughout an interior. Not to mention a white foundation in a home visually expands the space and is arguably the most flexible base colour for future style changes.


Above: A selection within the pale palette from Earthborn Natural Paints, featuring (L-R): White, Fresh Air, Wood Smoke, Feather Pillow, Lily Lily Rose


Think through the full palette to find your perfect shade – from crisp and clean whites to tranquil moonlight greys and cosy creams.

And don’t forget to accessorise with white to add stylish accents without breaking the bank, and ideally choose quality items such as those available from Ecora Home (below) which are flexible enough to use both within kitchen or living areas.

Above L-R: Les Guimards Pottery Sugar Bowl, Enamel two-piece food carrier with handle and Light Green Stool