Ecora's Top 3 Luxury Woods

Over the years, Ecora have provided wooden flooring to some fabulous luxury properties, from character-filled London homes to sweeping city penthouses and contemporary business builds. 

And while wood is a natural product, certain factors such as grain, gloss and pigmentation can really up the luxuriousness of a wood.

Based on the success of our previous projects, here are our top three luxury woods, sure to lay the foundation for a truly sumptuous interior.

1) North American Walnut

Almost black, but with unique reddish brown and blonde streaks, this wood is often seen as a contemporary option because of the rich and glamourous darkness, and its departure from the majority of natural toned woods on the market.

Unique, dramatic, and unapologetically bold, this is a fabulous wood if you’re looking for wow factor.

2) Parquet de Versailles

Parquetry is always at the upper end of wooden floors due to the time, skill and artistry in laying it. Named after arguably the most glamourous property in France, the Palace of Versailles, this parquetry style hints at times gone by, but new colours and finishes give it a contemporary twist.

3) Oak TriBeCa

This oak is treated to a very special development – it is laid untreated in extreme weather for two weeks, allowing unique variations to develop, which are then forever sealed in by two layers of eco oil. Thanks to this particular attention to its development, you can be sure each Oak TriBeCa floor is a one-of-a-kind and unlike any other. 

 For more on these woods, visit or call our London showroom!