Top 10 Hardwood Floors

This month we are delighted by the rise in popularity of natural wood flooring. We have had so much interest in our new TriBeca Oak and the Basics Range which is great for those on a budget. We have been researching interesting new finishes and introducing some beautiful new French Oaks. The Spring Sale has also proved a hit with interior designers and home-owners. Why not check out our product pages for the latest wood flooring collections and also take a look at our press page for some very flattering press coverage from Living etc and Elle Deco, thanks to the editorial team at both magazines.

Our Hardwood Flooring Top 10

Oak Orchard
There is often a stigma attached to wood floors that are finished with a natural pigmented coating. In the past manufacturers used solvent based oils and lacquers and applied it on too thickly which resulted in the floor looking very orange and a bit plastic. Thanks to water-based products we are now able to achieve beautiful blonde colour tones that look and feel natural. A product like Oak Orchard is a classic look that will sit effortlessly in any interior.

Grey French Oak
This floor is the perfect option for busy families. The reason for this is because it has a matt lacquered finish, which makes it look natural and it has an anti scratch coat on it, great for kids and pets! The wide boards at 220mm are contemporary in design and the dark grey colour makes this floor look elegant and because of the hard wearing finish it's great for dinner parties and high traffic.

North American Walnut
Walnut is a bit like Marmite. You either love and embrace it's natural variation with tones of reddish brown and blondes streaks or you don’t. Walnut is often seen as a contemporary option because it brings with it richness and glamour in its dark colour. Walnut is softer than Oak and because of the colour it does show up scratches easily. However the natural beauty of this wood can compare to no other and is often used in formal spaces such as dining rooms.

Douglas Fir
The white washed Douglas Fir has been a favourite amongst designers for a long time. Wide boards with extremely long lengths give a sophisticated, shabby chic look. There is only one slight drawback with this floor and that is it's durability. Douglas Fir is a softwood and so that means that it will need an ongoing maintenance regime to keep it looking it's best.

Oak Chevrons
The Chevron pattern is an easy way to pull new and old designs together. Chevrons are available in various sizes, grades and colours. No matter what specification you choose, Chevrons instantly add glamour to an interior.

Parquet de Versailles
These are wood panels that come in different designs and sizes. They are usually at the high-end of hardwood flooring because of the labour and skill involved in producing these panels by hand. They have a more traditional feel about them which can be easily paired with a contemporary colour and finish to give a modern twist. The greatest example of this flooring can be seen in the Palace de Versailles.

Oak Brendon Brushed
By taking this mid range product and applying a heavy brush to the material, it has been given a whole new aspect to this floor. The brushed effect accentuates the grains on the floor and gives a lot more texture to the product. Often when flooring is finished with just stain, it can look a little 'flat'. By brushing the wood, it lifts the entire grain and makes the floor natural and beautiful.

Oak Hampstead Grey
Products from the Hampstead range are surface planed. This means that the boards are randomly turned against the sanding machine to create machining marks on the boards. This creates a board that has great texture. To add to this industrial look the boards have cracks and partially filled knots. The end result is a floor that looks natural and individual.

Reclaimed Flooring
The fun behind reclaimed hardwood, is that there is always a story attached to it. You can usually trace you floor back to where it came from. It could be from an old department store, a railway station waiting room or even a old school hall. Reclaimed flooring comes already distressed and aged and that adds even more to the beauty. You are not just restricted to Oak, there are normally a few different species to choose from. Reclaimed wood normally has great long lengths too.

Oak TriBeCa
This product is very unique in the fact that its colour and finish are achieved without using any chemicals. The unfinished wood is treated for two weeks in extreme weather conditions, such as exposure to rain and then exposure to heat. The same conditions as an exposed beam would be. This creates a floor high in variation with it's own individual characteristics. In order to protect the floor two coats of Eco Oil is applied.