Vintage style Interiors

Mixing and matching modern and traditional furnishings is the best way to achieve a timeless look.  A quirky eclectic style can be created by combining vintage pieces of furniture with cool contemporary designs.  Keeping the general decoration neutral will allow you to be more adventurous with larger furnishings adding statement pieces for a 'wow' factor.  At Ecora Home we very much favour functional art and all of our designs have a use or purpose and combine practicality with beauty.  Even storage can be eye-catching and everyday items can have a 'wow' factor.  Our vintage dining tables have a rustic natural feel, yet their metal 'scaffold' style legs are more gutsy and industrial in appearance.  Bold shapes and bright colours also work well such as linen cushions with nostalgic geometric shapes or printed designs.  Combining materials such as metal and wood, glass and ceramics, enamel and aluminum give rooms a depth of interest.


  • Our popular Ecora pieces this spring include:
  • Folk Paper Mache Bowls
  • Aluminum Storage Trunks
  • Canvass Trolleys
  • Lindsay Walker Cushions (shown above)
  • Leach Tableware
  • Ushamama Paper Bags