Simple tips to keep your natural wood flooring looking great.

Simple tips to keep your natural wood flooring looking great.

Simple maintenance and care procedures will help protect your wooden floor from unnecessary wear and damage and help keep it at its best:

• Sweep and vacuum the floor regularly to keep it clean and free of dust, sand and other abrasive materials.

• Do not use any harsh household cleaners, oils, soaps, waxes or any abrasive materials or scouring agents on the floor. Instead, for a more thorough clean, use a wood floor cleaning solution approved for use with our flooring.

• Put felt protector pads on all furniture feet and/or accessories placed directly on the floor surface.

• Place area rugs or doormats at entryways to help prevent sand, grit, oils, dirt and other abrasive or staining materials from being tracked from outdoors. Choose mats that enable airflow and avoid using rubber-backed or similarly dense matting materials that may trap moisture.

• Place protective mats at high-use work areas such as sinks, ranges and workstations.

• Protect the floor from any exposure to liquids, water and other forms of moisture. Clean up any spilled drink, food or other liquids immediately. Clean floors using a well wrung mop. Avoid walking on the floor with wet feet or footwear. Damage caused by flooding, broken pipes, wet mopping or any other exposure to liquid or moisture is not covered by the product warranty.

• Avoid sharp or pointed objects coming into contact with the floor surface. Do not walk on the floor with high heeled shoes, trainers, or other type of footwear which may cause damage to the finish or cause indentations to the surface.

• Use heavy duty moving mats, dollies, or other moving aids when moving furniture, appliances or other heavy objects across the floor to avoid scratches or scuffs the surface.

• Hardwood flooring reacts to changes in the environment so it is important to ensure that environmental conditions are maintained with a temperature of 18°-24°C (65°-75°F) and humidity at 35 - 55% at all times. Excessive humidity, moisture, heat, or dry conditions can result in cupping or splitting of boards, gapping between boards and/or other problems resulting from exposure to improper environmental conditions, and are not covered by the product warranty.

• Wood flooring installed over a radiant heating system should never exceed 27°C (81°F) at floor surface. In addition, dramatic temperature changes should be avoided and temperature adjustments should be gradual, in maximum 5°C increments a day it is important that a dedicated thermostat is installed at floor surface level to allow the temperature to be accurately controlled.

• Hardwood flooring will undergo a natural change in colour over time. The degree of colour change varies by species, it is recommended that you do not place area rugs and large furniture items on a new wood floor for at least two months following installation to ensure a uniform change. Following which, periodic re-arrangement of furniture and area rugs will help ensure natural even change.