The Great Outdoors

With the longer days upon us, now is the time to make the most of the great outdoors. With so many of us spending our working lives in stuffy offices or on the road batlling traffic, there comes a time when our soul yearns for wide open spaces.  Getting together with friends and sharing a rustic picnic or more elegant al-fresco dinner has never seemed more appealing.  So, pack up your bags, drop by the deli and head for the hills, coast or country this weekend.  Of course, eating outdoors has its own nostalgic atmosphere, but there is no need to skimp on style.  Why not make your picnic a gourmet affair with linen napkins, tablecloths and blankets.  Take some vintage style glassware for wine, flasks for tea and baskets for serving fruit or sandwiches. Why not pack some handmade ceramic bowls for olives or baby tomatoes.  Dont forget to pack plenty of cushions for lounging on the beach and rugs and throws for keeping off the chill as the evening draws in. For all your picnic essentials pop into Ecora, London's leading natural interiors store.

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