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Flooring Product Variation

The information and images below provide a general guide to our colour variation classification. As we are referring to natural products, and in some cases chemical processes like fuming or greying, batches may consist of higher variation to the samples or images provided, and may include more of the darker or lighter ranges.

We classify our products into five categories: Low, Low/Mid, Mid, Mid/High and High as per below.

Low Variation
Relate to unfinished Oak of a Prime or Select grade. It may also include products that have been coated with a thick flat colour like extra white or extra black.
low variation in Unfinished Prime Oak
low variation in prime grade Oak Primrose
low variation slide
Low/Mid Variation
Allows for slightly more variation than the Low, this category will include unfinished Oak in the Character grade or products that have been covered with a clear finish or with a thick flat colour like extra white or extra black. 
low-mid variation in Select Oak Champaign
low-mid variation in Character Oak Copenhagen
low-mid variation slide
Mid Variation
Will include our natural North American Walnut flooring or Oak flooring in the Character and Rustic grades that has undergone oiling or varnish with some colour pigment but no fuming or graying presses.
mid variation example
mid colour variation in walnut
mid variation slide
Mid/High Variation
Allows for some light fuming or greying, mainly on the Prime or Select grades.
mid-heigh variation example
mid high variation in geometric floor
mid-heigh variation slide
High Variation
Typically relates to Character and Rustic grade products that are fumed or greyed as well as to some Reclaimed flooring. The high variation in colour will be more pronounced in these grades due to the age, natural variation in wood tannins, sap and other mineral or colour markings
high variation example
heigh variation example2
high variation slide


Our products are made from natural materials with inherent variability in appearance. Any samples provided, panels on display at our showroom and/or images on our website are only an example of the range available and due to size can not show the exact characteristics, natural variations in texture, colour, grain etc. Due to the nature of our products a newly produced floor may not be accurately represented by a previously provided sample due to the effects of UV exposure and/or fuming.