wood flooring advice


Floor Finishes In Detail

Natural Oil & Hardwax Oils

In the domestic market, natural and hardwax oils have become more widespread. They are transparent penetrating substances, usually based on vegetable oils and natural waxes. They penetrates into the core of the wood for long-lasting protection, while preserving the wood's natural beauty and elasticity. The final floor will need occasional maintenance and depending on traffic will require replenishing of the oils every year or so.


Hardened (UV) Oil

The hardened oiled process of finishing wood flooring is similar to a hardwax oiled floor, however these oiled finishes are in fact like a lacquer but with a much deeper matt finish and look. Typically several coats are applied and cured by UV lights. Despite the similarity to lacquered floor, cleaning and maintaining of these finishes is similar to oiled floor therefore provides a more long-lasting option if maintained correctly.



Lacquer is a clear or coloured varnish that dries by solvent evaporation to produce a hard, durable, protective finish or film in any sheen level from matt to gloss and is primarily used in wood finishing. Although not as popular in the domestic market as a decade or two ago, Lacquers are still widely used in commercial environments and where low-maintenance and extra durability is required, only the old glossy look has made way for a more matt finish.