wood flooring advice


Our Timber Grades and Tolerances

Our timber flooring is graded into four categories, Grading is a manual process which involves the sorting of each plank by appearance, the amount and size of knots and other natural characteristics of the wood.

 All our grades provide the same quality, stability and wear property and are not an indication of product quality.



Prime Grade is the highest grade of flooring we offer. Its low colour variation and low knot content provides a clean and uniformed look. The grain can be slightly straighter than the other grades and the floor will contain few and infrequent small knots of up to 15mm  very low character marks, sapwood, heartwood and/or mineral streaking.


This grade allows for slightly larger and more frequent knot content than the prime grade. It will also display some colour variations, heartwood, grain pattern, mineral streaking and/or the occasional sapwood.


Our Character grade is a grade full of natural characteristics and excitement. It contains vibrant colourful patterns, partial filled medium to large knots, sapwood, heartwood, mineral streaking, small splits/cracks, heavy grain markings and natural colour variation.


Rustic is a grade bursting with character, variation and excitement. It contains vibrant colourful patterns, partial or unfilled knots, sapwood, heartwood, mineral streaking, splits/cracks, heavy grain markings and colour variation in abundance.

A Note on Sapwood and Mineral Streaks

A small quantity of sapwood and/or mineral streaks will be apparent in most orders. They can appear as lighter or darker patches in a wood floor and is most visible in darker finishes like fumed or heat treated. Boards containing sapwood or mineral streaks are not of an inferior quality.

Fumed and White Oiled Oak Oiled Oak



Widths: +/-1mm, Lengths: +/-1mm, Thickness: +/-1mm, Bevel: 0.5mm, Lengths: average lengths of boards cannot be guaranteed.