Oak Classic English Distressed

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A traditional distressed floor
Due to its colour and distressed look this product provides an authentic old look and is perfect for traditional interiors.

This product has been distressed. Distressing a plank is where tumble it along with materials which will make indentations on the surface and on the sides of the planks. We then wire brush the edges to ensure that they are smooth, so that you can walk barefoot on your lovely new floor! However, if you don't want distressed, we do offer the Oak Classic English non-distressed.
Available in Engineered and Solid options. Price are + VAT per m2

Sizes Available

13 x 180 x 800-2200mm

18 x 180 x 800 -2200mm

18 x 220 x 800-2200mm

20 x 185 x 700 - 2400mm (Solid)

Wider options available

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