Handmade Rustic Tableware


Our rustic plates and bowls will add warmth and personality to your table setting.

These handmade ceramic pieces feature a rustic glaze with grey and blue mottled tones.

They'll make the hours you spend with friends and family, all the more special.

We have a range of matching tableware which includes dinner plates, salad plates, and large & small bowls. Please select from these above.

As each piece is handmade you may find slight variations in the designs, this adds to the individual character of each piece.

- Dishwasher & Microwave Safe
- Table Settings - Dimensions:
Dinner Plate - 27.5cm Dia, 2.8cm H
Salad Plate - 20.5cm Dia, 2cm H
Large Bowl - 21.5cm Dia, 7.5cm H
Small Bowl - 14cm Dia, 4.5cm H