lime paints

Easily create a beautiful lime wash patina on both interior and exterior walls and surfaces.

Millions of micro crystals are formed as the paint cures, creating a truly unique luminosity and depth of colour, with no nasty fumes.

Unlike conventional paints which dry as a plastic film and require toxic chemicals to make them work, these paints are made from natural materials. Wash and disposal is safe and non-polluting to the environment. Aside from our Ecora Signature Collection, we can provide the full range of Bauwerk colours.


Ecora Signature Lime Wash Collection: 

Bleached WhiteChalk
AlabasterFreesiaTea Rose




If you are using the paint on the surface they are made for, surfaces such as render, cement, bricks and lime-render then these paints are very durable as they are absorbed into the wall, allowing the surface to breathe.

Using these paints on walls that are already painted with conventional paints, they will look the same but they will not be scrubbable. Unfortunately, to make paints that are scrubbable they would need to change the nature of the paint to include chemicals which harm our environment, and would also change the unique look this paint has.

Choose these paints because you love the way they look and the way they don't harm our environment.


The lime paints are made from natural materials which is different from being a conventional low or zero VOC paint-which just means it is made from plastics but with one toxic part removed leaving all the rest.

This paint works differently, working with nature they are made with clay, minerals and beautiful natural pigments. You can paint without fumes, wash-up and disposal is safe and non-polluting, they leave no toxic chemicals in the environment in the production of paints and use 100% green power in our production.



We offer a selected range of lime-wash paints for interior and exterior.

We offer free colour consultancy and advice at our showroom, helping you to select not only the right shade, but the correct finish and durability for your paint project.