kitchen worktops

We have a large range of kitchen worktops to suite all designed, functions and budgets. 


Silestone Quartz

Silestone is made from over 90% natural quartz, which means it possesses strength in its surfaces, and they're highly durable too.  Liquids, stains or scratches won't be a concern. Available in a large selection of colours with different textures and formats, you have the choice to be as creative as you wish. 



Our Dekton worktops offer resistance to high and low temperatures, UV rays and contact with water. It can be produced in over three metre lengths which means fewer joins for a seamless finish; plus it has high scratch, stain and abrasion resistance. Choose from a wide variety of architectural colours and finishes for a kitchen that offers maximum durability.



Granite Worktops

Our natural granite surfaces are stain-resistant , waterproof and extremely durable. They provide the perfect finish for almost all kitchen styles. Available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, including high gloss and matte. 


Natural Stone Worktops

Our natural stone finishes include marbles, granites, limestones and travertines in a large selection of colours. Add to that the option to choose from four texture finishes and you have a complete kitchen worktop solution, which can be tailored to your exact requirements. As they're made from natural stone, these also offer unparalleled resistance to heat & UV rays too.