earthborn paints

Earthborn eco paints are highly breathable and have a low impact on the environment.

They're hard wearing and easy to clean, plus they contain no oils, acrylics or nasty odours.

Earthborn paints minimise condensation and mildew and they're also virtually VOC FREE (VOC's are Volatile Organic Compounds, which are commonly found in paints, solvents and cleaning chemicals - and they evaporate easily at room temperature)

  • Virtually VOC free
  • Acrylic free, Oil free, Odour free
  • Low environmental impact
  • Easy to apply & hard wearing
  • Highly Breathable

EARTHBORN CLAYPAINT - Ultra matt emulsion for walls & ceilings

Our Earthborn claypaint range offers an ultra-matt finish which is perfect for interior walls and ceilings. The unique clay recipe provides a thick, hard wearing paint which often requires fewer coats than conventional emulsions.

  • Ultra matt emulsion for walls and ceilings
  • Available in 72 colours

Claypaint Product Datasheet


    EARTHBORN LIFESTYLE - Washable low sheen finish for walls & ceilings

    Ecora's Earthborn lifestyle range is perfect for busier areas of the home such as hallways or kitchens. It has a hard wearing, classic low sheen finish and guards against little finger prints or mucky paws.

    • Washable low sheen finish for walls and ceilings
    • Available in 72 colours

    Lifestyle Product Datasheet


      EARTHBORN ECO CHIC - For furniture

      Our Earthborn Eco Chic range is a water based paint for sprucing up furniture. It's quick drying and can be used in lots of creative ways.

      • Water based paint for furniture
      • Available in 72 colours
      Eco Chic Product Datasheet

          EARTHBORN EGGSHELL No.17 - Silk finish for interior woodwork

          Ecora's Earthborn Eggshell No.17 is a durable, washable, scuff resistant paint for interior woodwork. As with all Earthborn paints it has a totally unique formulation which is environmentally friendly too.
          • Silk finish for interior woodwork
          • Available in 72 colours
          Eggshell No.17 Product Datasheet


            We offer the full range of Earthborn paints for interior, exterior and woodwork.

            We also offer free colour consultancy and advice at our showroom, helping you to select not only the right shade, but the correct finish and durability for your paint project.