Engineered Wood Floors

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Ecora specialises in high quality engineered wood floors. Engineered flooring is made up of a solid wood top layer, bonded to multiple layers of hardwood underneath. Engineered floors are one of the most popular boards as they provide excellent stability and can withstand fluctuations in temperature and humidity. This makes them a top choice for those with underfloor heating. Engineered boards can also be used with acoustic underlays, making them particularly popular with flat owners who have neighbours living downstairs. Please feel free to speak to one of our flooring specialists if you have any questions about them.
Oak Turnmill Loft
From £115.00 sqm
Oak Turnmill Natural
From £115.00 sqm
Oak Turnmill Sand
From £115.00 sqm
Oak Turnmill Silver
From £115.00 sqm
Oak Turnmill Snow
From £115.00 sqm
Oak Westbourne
From £74.00 sqm
Unfinished European Oak
From £62.00 sqm