Surface planning
This technique involves randomly turning the boards against the sander during production to achieve an unique machine-marked texture. Cracks and partially-filled knots can be incorporated for an industrial yet natural finish.
Available in various sizes, grades and colours to add instant glamour, this eye-catching pattern offers an easy way to pull old and new together in your home.
Heavy brushing
Boards that are merely finished with a standard stain can look a little flat. A pre-applied heavy brushing effect helps to accentuate the timber’s natural grain and is great for turning what might otherwise be a mid-range product into a unique floor.
Parquet de Versailles
These distinctive panels are at the high-end of hardwood flooring because of the labour and skill involved in creating the boards. They have a traditional feel, but you can use colour to give them a modern twist.
Reclaimed floors
The fun behind old wood is that there’s always a story attached to it. You can
usually trace it back to where it came from – whether an old department store, railway station waiting room or school hall. It’s already distressed and aged, which adds to its beauty, and is normally available in good lengths, too.
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